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BART video on hot cars

Help BART beat the heat

I've seen Lynette Sweet talk on camera before but I haven't actually seen Linton Johnson. Short little video worth a watch.

Yes, I have change. No, you're not getting it. Leave me the Fuck Alone!

I'm cross-posting this from Claycord because typing it reminded me how angry I am at the people wrecking my commute every single day.

Welcome to our newest Mod!

Lucifer has been given Moderator priveleges to help the time overlap for having a moderator around, bringing our active mod team to three. I'm sure he'll have something good to say to you all in the comments. I think he'll be a great addition to the team! Congrats on your "promotion" Lucifer!

BART Community Meeting Points

OK I've rounded up the suggestions from the two posts regarding the $5 million surplus, why it should not be used for fare reductions, and other ways it could be used. I am going to post each block of points below for comments. This is your last chance for input, I currently have input from 16 different people. I plan to go to the meeting on WED JUN 16 in CONCORD. If anyone wants to attend with me, shoot me an e-mail at

BART holds community meetings on two critical issues

I'll admit it, I usually ignore these announcements for community meetings. I'm generally not interested enough in what they're talking about to care. However, this time around they're going to talk about the surplus money and using it for a temporary fare reduction.

Noise Reducing Headphones

Seeing as the topic of noise and noise reducing headphones comes up on a regular basis, I thought I'd let everyone know that Woot has a special on noise blocking headphones today. Two pairs of OSHA rated earbuds for 14.99. I ordered a pair. Once I've used them I'll give an update on how well they work, but the special deal will only be for today.

Wifi Rail

What a useless gimmick. I don't think I've ever been able to log onto it. Maybe I'm expecting too much by trying to use it on the train, but who really sits on the platform using their laptop?

I tried to connect to download an iTunes file, and I wasn't even able to log in at the login screen before I had to exit the train. Four stops and no wifi. So stupid.

Why so full?

Any idea why BART is so full today? I got to the station early and it wasa lot more full than usual. Same thing with the trains.

The world's smallest violin

As I was coming down the escalator at civic center today I heard a familiar and somewhat confusing sound. It was the sound of the crazy violin man, who saws on the poor instrument so hard most of the bow strings are broken and hanging down the sides. I was wondering where he went. He was 'improvising' today, doing without the music stand with the crayon scrawled construction paper full of notes. He looked well fed and happy wearing a gold bling bling shirt and sideways hat. He must have stayed with a relative for a while. Or had a charity help him out. Or jail.

Master Chief and sickofit are hereby BANNED

Anything they post from now on will be deleted. Please help us enforce this by not responding to any posts they make.

Dance circle to the airport

Unconventional Riding

I couldn't get a good angle but there were four girls perched on the arms like this with their feet in the aisle. Apparently their parents thought it was cute because they were taking pictures of it. Sigh.

BART RAGE Forum Rules

The upcoming contract negotiations are obviously a very hot topic right now, and tension is very high. This is just a reminder, both to those of you that have been here forever and those of you who have registered within the past few days.

You can yell and scream and argue all you want, but you may NOT personally attack any of the members of this forum. I will not let things get out of hand like they did when the BART shooting in Oakland first occurred. I'm sure Boopie and Shrapnel will back me up on this.

Dumbass Rider of the Day: Mom and Toddler Edition

To welcome me back from my glorious 2 weeks of working at a location closer than the BART station to my house, I was greeted with all kinds of stupidity on the road, sidewalk, elevators, and of course the train.

It's like a puzzle box

Another day another crowded embarcadero train. I'm sitting in the legroom seat near the doors and this teenage girl with a large suitcase thing and a purse and a shopping bag has claimed a ridiculous amount of space. The seat next to me eventually opens up and she sits down. She then proceeds to fold up the empty shopping bag and pits it inside the empty suitcase thing along with her purse. WTF?

To the station agent in the booth at Civic Center this morning:

Thank you for not giving me a hard time about my ticket this morning. I sprinted up the escalator without even taking my parking reciept trying to catch my SF train. I just got back from a conference where I spent all my cash on the bartender and hadn't had a chance to go to the ATM. I have no problem coming back with my 2 bucks, except that I'm sure if I were to walk over to the booth tonight and hand them random cash, I'd get laughed out of the station.


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