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Stealing from the Homeless

I was walking with my BART buddy from work today. The steel drums guy is playing and some dude who looks like he's on crack is dancing right in the middle of the walkway.

As we're passing by, my friend stops to pick up a quarter that is in the dirt off to the side of the walkway. I personally wouldn't consider picking anything up off the ground in a BART station, short of that 20 dollar ticket I found on the ground once.

Unwanted Bart Buddy

It was my own damn fault, but I really gotta tell this one.

The TO made me smile today

I was on the Pittsburg train today and somewhere around the tunnel the TO saw a little boy about 8 hanging out with his dad in the lead car. He got on the loudspeaker and in a round about way invited him to come up to the cab.

After a little bit he let him beep the horn in the tunnel a few times and had him get on the speaker and announce the station name.

I know I've ridden this this TO's train before and I like him even more now. You rock, whoever you are, that made one little kid and one not so little kid's day

...yeah I totally didn't get a ticket

I guess the payment tally evened out at Lafayette yesterday. There was no piece of paper fluttering in the wind under my wiper blades when I got to my car. I'm gonna hang on to the receipt for a few days just in case I get something in the mail, but I guess paying and guesstimating the space (I was off by 4) was the right thing to do.

In other news, I got my EZRider in the card yesterday. Man, that was fast!

Yeah, I'm gonna get a ticket

I was so happy to find a spot this morning, even though I had to ass wax a giant Escalade to get out of my car, that I completely forgot to check my stall number. I stared at the parking machine for at least 10 seconds, but no dice. I didn't want to miss my train, so I guessed based on where I parked yesterday. I took the receipt, hopefully it'll be close enough they'll accept it.

Well I did it...I'm an EZRider now

I signed up for the EZRider card today. I realized a few things that finally put me over the top to do it:

1. The glut of paper tickets in my bag has finally disappeared. I had leftovers from a few months where I traveled for several weeks but still got my benefit. Hopefully the card will arrive before I run out completely.

2. After the fare raise my benefit really only covers about half a month's commute, and the EZRider card only refills when it's depleted, so it doesn't matter if the balance stays on there for a few months before it refills.

Don't get on my train!

I was sitting all comfy in my hard earned post-WC seat when the train got held up at Macarthur. We sat for a minute, and the next SF bound train pulls up. The expected few people get out to catch the other one. I'm never in a hurry to get to work so I decided to take my chances.

Plastic Tickets???

I got a hot tip from The Mayor of Claycord that BART is working on a contract for "magnetic stripe plastic tickets". This means one of two things:

1. They're switching over to something sturdier than the current paper tickets. If so I will jump with joy and rub it all over my cell phone (gasp!) as soon as they are rolled out.

Don't give up!

Now that I'm no longer boarding at a pre-Walnut Creek station, it's a little more challenging to find a seat in the morning. Usually my second car from the end trick works, but this morning was pretty busy.

What bugs me is the guy who took two steps, looked around, and gave up, blocking the aisle with his bag. I bet he had a newspaper in there somewhere too. So I just turned around and headed out the other end of the train to go hunting,and there was a dude leaning on the doors so I couldn't open them. He moved when I knocked.

That's what you get for sleeping during rush hour

Apparently I am a 'skank ass bitch' for reclaiming the four square seats back from the homeless dude sleeping there this morning. I didn't realize that ' no apology or nothin' was ample excuse to 'kick my face in'.

Is it bad that I get a good amount of glee from waking this guy up? I just hope he doesn't get squirrley on me and make me call BPD.

I hope you brought enough for everyone… oh wait never mind.

After a very busy week at the office last week I was very happy to be on the train on the way home when these two guys came in and sat across from each other in the handicapped seats near the door. They were about 25 or so, pretty normal looking, and one had a case of Coronas in a black plastic bag under his chair. They settle into their seats and the guy proceeds to pull two cold ones out of the case. He hands one to his buddy, opens one himself, and they start their own private little happy hour right there on the train.

Civic Center Entertainment

Today's musician was a steel drums guy playing calypso jingle bells along with a recording. He had a whole bunch of CDs neatly arranged around his boom box. Was he selling CDs? I hope not, he's way better than spastic violin guy, but he wasn't THAT good.

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

My boss was cool and let me out a bit early today, I was surprised at how many people were on a 3 pm train, it was SRO by Powell. And the car was full of chatty riders too.

This couple gets on the train, painfully obviously not regular riders and the man offers the woman a seat. She then whines 'But we can't sit together...' One of the seated folks directly in front of her offers the man a seat, and she then immediately pressures the dude next to her to swap seats with the man she's travelling with. Dude just wants to sleep like the rest of us, but moves anyway.

Demonstration Car Pics

I finally got those demo car photos up on the BART RAGE Flickr site . The new bike space is particularly interesting.

Guitar Man

This guy was sitting on the train with his guitar in the aisle. Not just blocking the aisle, but out of the case, on an instrument stand, ready to play.

Admittedly, the train I take is rarely SRO in the morning because it is so flippin early, but still. Apparently he does not value his property at all, because it only would have taken one hard bump with a bag or someone tripping over their feet on a hard stop to break this thing open. Not to mention he was taking up space in the handicapped area.

Photo on the BART RAGE Flickr site:


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