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Guitar Man

This guy was sitting on the train with his guitar in the aisle. Not just blocking the aisle, but out of the case, on an instrument stand, ready to play.

Admittedly, the train I take is rarely SRO in the morning because it is so flippin early, but still. Apparently he does not value his property at all, because it only would have taken one hard bump with a bag or someone tripping over their feet on a hard stop to break this thing open. Not to mention he was taking up space in the handicapped area.

Photo on the BART RAGE Flickr site:

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Zen and the art of Traffic

I did something for the first time ever on wednesday. I drove to work during rush hour.

It was pretty hairy navigating 24 with all those cars in the dark through the tunnel. It's a good thing the GPS told me what lane to be in to get out of the Maze. I never realized there were metering lights after the toll booth. That makes sense, and the three lane light cycle was cool.

But if I were inclined to any sort of road rage I would have killed myself or someone else. So many idiots! I just kept telling myself....

Breathe. Good. Be one with the traffic.

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Please hold on to the handrails...

Holy crap.

I just had my first escalator related brush with major injury today. I was walking down the escalator to the platform at civic center when the stairs stopped moving. They didn't coast to a stop, they went from moving to stopped really fast.

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BART Rage Photos!

I have started a BART Rage Flickr Group so we can post as many photos as we like without destroying admin's bandwidth, and also to allow discussion on individual photos.

Ok, ok and it's partially selfish, as Flickr has a mobile client for easier Treo browsing.

So get out there and take some photos, and post up on Flickr! I got us started with 12 photos I took at various times in August. You'll have to create an account with them to post, but anyone can view and anyone can join.

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Happy Spare the Air Day!

Today's the perfect day to practice taking pictures of dumbasses with your camera phones. I already got one, I'll post the results later.

Ooh! We should have a Transit Transients photo gallery!

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On vacation

Well PPID seems to think we're on vacation and in my case she's right. I usually forget all about BARTrage when I'm not going to the office because I only really post when I'm on BART.

Today, I am on vacation and on BART. I'm headed off to Castro Valley to meet a friend and head on down to Santa Cruz. When I made the arrangements I forgot about two things:

1. It's a royal pain in the ass to get there from here, I have to change trains twice.

2. It's rush hour on a Tuesday and my faux college student gear and backpack are catching some funny looks. I feel like a BART gremlin. BOO!

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P Hill dumpsters

What's up with the people inside the dumpsters at the Pleasant Hill station recently? Yesterday it was a bum taking stuff out and today someone was unloading trash from the back of his POS pickup...

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More on Civic Center Turnstiles

I'm (more than) a little bit pissed now about those turnstiles at the Civic Center station. A ticket that lets me in at my home station should NOT read as demagnetized on the other end. I'm not arguing the free ride, but this is like the third time in two weeks I've had my tickets go bad on me. I'm just going to put the latest one on my desk for a few weeks, because I don't want the lady at the exchange desk giving me a look and asking if I wasn't JUST THERE on Friday. She'll think I'm running a scam or something (which, trust me, I am not).

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All-Star Game

I may be jumping the gun a little bit, since I haven't gone home quite yet, but I was very pleased at the behavior of the fans going to and from the all-star game on my commute Sunday and today. Lots of people in their Giants gear and souvenir shirts and such, no rowdy drunks or screaming kids on my train, which surprised me. And the train wasn't packed with people either, which I fully expected.

Maybe I just overestimated how many people would be going to the city, but (to create my own BART poster here)...

Polite, happy All-Star riders!

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Civic Center Turnstiles

Two of the three turnstiles at civic center were busted when I came down today. But before I start ranting too much, thank you to the station agent who immediately acknowledged me, and thanked me for informing her of the problem with the turnstiles. Score one for the home team.

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Full trains and the Bay Area Bubble

So as I'm sure you all know the trains were delayed today because of a mechanical failure of some sort. So as it tends to go, the trains were very packed today. That's a safe assumption that people know it's not going to be a cushy ride right?

So we get to montgomery headed out to the east bay and there's still this huge gap. At least 3 reasonable people could stand there without touching. And this guy just stands there in the middle with his paper and pretends not to notice all the people trying to jam their way on to the train.

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Dear admin...

As much as I appreciate you taking the step to add the captcha validation to even registered users to reduce the number of Viagra ads that are thrown at me (seeing as I am convinced that after I have viewed the set amount of spam allotted to me I will surely die, and I prefer to delay the inevitable as long as possible), I am now once again unable to post from my portable device due to the size of all the graphics that have to load to enable me to see the picture to type in the validation.

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Cost of Driving Calculator

I came across an interesting website today. Cost of Driving Calculator. It has fields to enter in all your associated driving figures to estimate the cost of owning a vehicle, calculating both work and personal use. It's kind of a pain in the butt to round up some of the data, but even estimating on the conservative side and taking into account that the calculator seems to round up, the results were startling.

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Critical Mass

I find something rather ironic. There are people on bikes coming from all over to bike en masse to some destination to 'promote awareness' for those who wish to take a car off the road.

So why did they make it difficult for me, someone who also sacrifices to be part of a single car-multi member household? You have a bike! get off at a station that allows bikes and ride the silly thing back to Embarcadero on the street.

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I seem to be hating on the papers recenty, but it's hard for me to think straight with someone's elbow in my face.

I'm an average sized human being, with a bag that fits easily on my lap. Just about anyone should be able to sit next to me without me having to press my whole right leg into the side of the train car.

But your average sized business(man) who would normally be just fine becomes a hazard when they start reading the paper. It's all spread out, hands or elbows eye level about a foot and a half from my cheek.

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Street sheets cost money but my SF Chronicle was free today

Bart was such an endless source of reading material the last few commutes. Last night, I got a warning flyer to stop showing off my iPod off or I'm gonna get it. Fine, if the little yellow slip says it, it must be true. Then this morning I got a free SF chronicle with a big Starbucks cup on it. Score.

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Allow me to introduce myself...

I am a BART commuter from Pleasant Hill to San Francisco. I've been taking public transit as my primay form of getting around for almost 8 years, 5 in inner city Philadelphia, and 3 in Contra Costa County.

I read and post to BartRAGE almost exclusively from my Treo 700P. I got tired of answering the math question or waiting for the picture to load, so I created an account. I have been making anonymous postings for about 3 months.

I share info on what I know and rant occasionally, and find the trolls on this site hilarious.


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