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Another thing that ticks me off....

...people who use the words "tick me off" to say something bugs them. No really, the latest fellow rider idiosyncrasy is when my stop is coming up, I stop reading, the rider next to me, (on the aisle) fails to realize that I'm preparing leave, so continues to sit there as if in a comatose state, I put my book in my bag clipping it shut, still a the lump next to me conveys as much movement as a cinder block, the train stops, I stand, still nothing. Excuse me... Excuse me please. (this is the thing that ticks me off)What do I get?

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Another BART Pig

Sure I could say litter bug, but pig is so much more charged and as offensive as the behavior.

A few seconds before, she simply crumpled up the paper and dropped it on the ground:

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More pet peeves

So I'm riding the other day and realized the amount of things that irk me are piling up.

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Latest pet peeve

This is more of a technological pet peeve than it is a BART pet peeve--(alright I'll stop saying "pet peeve" now) But it seems the annoyance is heightened when I'm riding BART.

It seems with the consolidation of MP3 players and phones, there's a sudden abundance of lame-o, inconsiderate, gen-y types with their MP3 playing through speaker phone. It's become a routine.

Is this annoying anyone else? I mean, not like Paris Hilton annoying, but more like fly buzzing around your head when you're trying to sleep annoying.

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On the eating on BART "tip"....

I'm riding home tonight, and this guy starts eating his sweet and sour pork or chicken or whatever the hell it was on BART. No biggie to me. I mean, we get pressed for time, we need to eat when we can blah blah blah. HOWEVER, what the f--- is wrong with throwing out your trash?
I mean I understand eating on BART, but the reason why people need to sneak it, is because we can be cited. Why, you may ask, are we cited? Because of pigs like this guy that left that f---ing styrofoam container right where he was sitting.

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ruining it for everyone...(from the craigslist post)

Okay, so stick with me here, I like the coincidence, synchronicity or however you want to categorize it.
I moved to the area, and became a frequent BART rider. I realize that there were certain rules that everyone needed to follow like no smoking, giving up seats by the door for those who need it etc.
The rule about eating I figure is a litter, and consequently a hygiene and health issue. Of course, if one is responsible, there's no reason we shouldn't be allowed to eat as long as we pick up after ourselves. I thought it's a rule simply because a few lame people ruin it for everyone.
Now without a subtle segue, September 11, 2001 has changed our freedom (real freedom, not George W. Bush religious morals/trademarked greedom) and we've had to adhere to restrictions on freedoms because a few assholes. This is a more violent, ignorant and spiteful version of the same idea filled with malice. Now we've given up more liberties more profound and restrictive due to only a few.

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