This Fight is About Unsustainable Benefits

1. Go to:
2. Under "Entity", chose "Bay Area Rapid Transit"
3. Click "search"
4. Page 1 of 138 will appear.
5. In the "Page" box, type 69, and click enter. Now a page w/the median annual salary of BART employees will appear.

Is it really too much to ask . . . ?

Is it really too much to ask that BART train cars be cooled, consistently, to a reasonable temperature (say 70 degrees?) Occasional breakdowns are understandable and expected, but it seems like the AC is NOT working, more often than not. (And yes, I do try switching cars, etc.)

BART Station Agent Caught Filing False Police Report Alleging Rider Assault

BART station agent George Figueroa pleaded not guilty Monday to a misdemeanor charge of filing a false police report for allegedly inaccurately claiming that he had been attacked by a BART customer.

At a brief hearing Monday, Figueroa’s attorney Ted Cassman declined to waive Figueroa’s right to a speedy trial, so Alameda County Superior Court Judge Patrick Zika set a trial on the charge for Aug. 2.

Figueroa, who is out of custody, wasn’t required to attend Monday’s hearing but he came to court Monday anyway and conferred with Cassman outside Zika’s courtroom.

BAY AREA / BART pay ranks high for transit workers / At contract time, agency surveys comparable pay

BART workers who are asking for raises in contract negotiations with the transit district are among the highest-paid transit workers in the Bay Area and the nation, according to transit officials.

learn what bart and city of oakland workers have to say before jumping to conclusions

folks, it took me all these days since monday all day filming and taking photos to get this finished ... for what it's worth, people can skip past the corporate news three second soundbites and read or watch/hear exactly what union workers and representatives are saying about all this.

This is What They're Fighting For (employee salary database)

Over 73% of the total full time employees at BART make over $100,000 a year in total compensation with only a GED required for employment.

Over 100 people clocked $50,000 or more in overtime pay with even station agents doubling their salary with OT.

BART workers also have not 1 but 3 retirement plans fully paid for by BART. That's right, they can get THREE pensions. Their main BART pension for which they pay nothing, Social Security for which they pay 1% and BART pays 14%, and then a 401k with matching contributions by BART.

Parking at the Bart Stations

I want to take the bus from the Pittsburg station tomorrow, but I see that picket lines are blocking the entrance. Can I park at Pittsburg Bart?

rideshare on Avego , Uber , Lyft , Sidecar

Jump on rideshares on Avego , Uber , Lyft , Sidecar !

Don't cave into these union extortionists !

Privatize BART. The union clowns have such easy entry requirements, have such bad attitude, do such a poor job, and dare to complain about wages when their total compensation package averages $130K ! More than double the national average compensation package ! Unbelievable !



I'm not on the side of BART management or the Unions. I'm on the side of the people who pay for all of these douches and who will suffer from their dick-waving contest -- the riders. What really just drives me up the wall is that no one is meeting. I know all the walking out and press releases and statements are all posturing but nothing is accomplished when you aren't meeting with one another or mediators or whomever. Neither side seems to care about all the people in the Bay Area who will be going to work in the morning.

BART employees are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to log overtime

Enough evidence has emerged, we don't need absolute proof, we can infer from what we know, and fill in the blanks.

BART employees are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to rack-up as much overtime as possible - when in fact it is not real overtime.

The game is as follows : conspire with your co-worker(s) to call in sick on different days and then sign-up for co-worker's vacated shift. Get paid overtime ( 150% normal salary ) for working your co-worker's shift. Repeat endlessly, up to your maximum sick days per year ( if there is even a limit ).

A Suggestion for BART Management

From all available information, it appears to me that the unions are not negotiating in good faith. Union leadership clearly has decided that they will get a better deal only after they have inflicted a strike upon all of us, and aren't even trying to negotiate a contract before the deadline.

If I were BART management, I would do this:

(1) Announce that the current offer on the table is the last, final offer. I think they are up to 2% annual raises now, which is perfectly fair in the current economic enivornment.

AC Transit Warns Monday Strike Possible

East Bay commuters have more than just a potential BART strike to worry about Monday morning. AC Transit issued a warning Saturday urging passengers to consider transit alternatives for Monday as contract talks with employee unions have so far failed to result in either a new contract or an extension of the existing contract, according to spokesman Clarence Johnson.

The AC Transit union's contract expires on Sunday, the same day contracts between BART and its five unions end.

Sick To Death Of It!

Last time these negotiations went on, it seemed like you guys felt absolutely no risk when you held the public hostage for more money. I think you seriously miscalculate the amount of contempt the public holds you in. I make less than $25,000 a year as a single man, commute one hour to work every day and once hour home. I get paid no benefits because I can't afford to have the money deducted from my paycheck. The system you operate was paid for by us, the taxpayer, to assist us, the taxpayer.


First off, let me give you a little background about me. I have been working at BART for over 15 years as a TVET (Transit Vehicle Electronic Technician). My sole responsibilities are maintaining and repairing the BART trains. In order to get hired, I had to have a college degree. I also had to pass an extensive written and practical test. Because I am considered ”Safety Sensitive” I am subject to random drug testing. I also have to pass a CPUC mandated written test every three years in order to keep my job.

BART Unions Vote to Fuck Over Bay Area Commuters

This morning, BART workers announced the results of last night's vote on whether to strike pending the expiration of their contract on Sunday. The votes are in, and they have officially authorized a strike that could go into effect as early as Monday morning. AC Transit, which expressed downright terror at the prospect of taking up the extra transit slack, has also voted to authorize their own strike. All in all, it sounds like a complete transportation meltdown could be headed our way.

BART's unions file suit against the district

Unions' Suit Against BART focuses on Health, Safety Issues

Workers claim that failure to bargain in good faith violates state law and imperils the health and safety of
BART workers, riders

(Oakland) BART's two biggest unions filed a lawsuit in Alameda County Superior Court this morning,
charging that representatives of BART's elected Board of Directors are categorically refusing to bargain
in good faith over worker safety, in addition to other violations of state law.
The action comes less than a week before the contract deadline this Sunday, June 30.

BART Workers Ditch Labor Talks Until Management Deals With all the Transit Violence (From SF Weekly)

BART workers fired off a rather blunt letter to BART negotiators last night, informing them they are no longer going to confab about labor contracts until BART does something about the "rising assaults, homicides, and injuries" to BART riders and employees.

More at:

SF Weekly

Fremont service halted for hours during rush hour

Some clown gets trapped under the Hayward platform and halts all trains into or out of Hayward for more than 3 hours during evening commute. Any information provided by bart as to what happened? Negative. Any information as to why bart cancelled its plans for a bus bridge between bayfair and south hayward? Negative. Any attempt to accommodate thousands of passengers milling about and stranded at bayfair? Negative. One short, retarded article in the sf chronicle called it a "brief" delay in service.

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It's that time again

So it's that time again with the striking and the pissing contests to see who can complain the loudest about how terrible their situation is. I'd really like to not have to spend a lot of time banning people, so let's try to be civil huh? Or at least creative and relevant with your insults.

the new cars SUCK

what are overweight people supposed to do? I think the article is more fiction than fact too. 3% less seats than today's cars my arse!

I guess we will all have to stand all the way home. BART SUCKS but thank you for patience. BART OPERATIONS CONTROL.


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