i'm with this guy, why can't BARTeven get the simple things together?

Even though this is from 2012, nothing has changed. if anything the entire commute experience is just worse so we can support Dorothy Dugger's retirement package.

Overpaid BART Union Employees Threaten to Strike if not Given Raises

Commuters have grown weary of the routine. Every four years, BART and its labor unions try to agree on a new contract before time and patience expire and the people who run the transit system go on strike.

Typically a deal is struck at the last minute, often in the dark of early morning, long after commuters have gone to bed not knowing how or if they'll be able to get to work without the Bay Area's largest regional transit system.

Bart crashes its maintenance vehicles, major delays

Leave it to bart to f@ck up an otherwise beautiful friday. Thanks retards!!

Stinky, sleeping homeless...sick of 'em

I take a 6:00 AM train every day from Pleasant Hill to SF...and every day there are stinky, dirty, grimy homeless men sprawled across at least 2 seats, they will sprawl across 4 if they can.

WTH!! I am so sick on getting on a train and having the stench drive me into another car. The commuters are the ones that pay to keep BART going, not the homeless who may get a one way ticket or just get on for free.

What can be done? Why doesn't BART do something?

I know this is an ongoing topic...and I know.... I could drive, not take BART, blah, blah, blah.


Only 3 ticket machines out of about 12 working at Concord all with long lines. How can BART management talk about giving themselves raises when all of the stations are filfthy and in total disarray. Isn't it the station agent's job to make sure the ticket machines work? Ridiculously long lines to get a ticket this morning. DOES ANYTHING WORK IN THE BART SYSTEM ANY MORE ON A REGULAR BASIS?

Oh, yeah, only BART management's ATM accounts because they have more money than the rest of us poor saps that have to put up with this CONTIUNALLY CRAPPY ASS SERVICE FROM BART.

Shut the F*&K up!!!

To these two Hispanic looking gentlemen that sit near me on the 5 am train (since the past two days) -

1. You sit two seats away from each other and then proceed to talk to each other loudly so that you can hear each other.
2. One of you turns on a video on the phone and of course, you don't have head phones and of course, you have to listen to it on the speakers.
3. The other of you starts snoring and proceeds to snore all the way to San Francisco

BART Can't Make Ends Meet on $1.3 Million+ Per Day

BART daily station exits: 373,945
BART average fare: $3.65

373,945 x $3.65 = $1,364,899.25

If BART can't make ends meet with $1.3 million in farebox income every day (plus State & Federal subsidies) then they need to fire everybody from the top to the bottom and start over.

BART a complete S#*tshow this week

1. Monday BART real slow due to switching problems in Bayfair. Finally we get thrown off the train at Bayfair onto a platform FULL of people
2. Tuesday BART REAL slow due to .... you guessed it - Switching Problems at Bayfair
3. Thursday 5 am train from Fremont to Daly City - Switch back at West Oakland - All Passengers get the F off - at 5 AM!!!??
4. Montgomery st. street entrance says it will reopen April 4th. It is now APRIL 11TH and that sign is still there!!

BART charges way too much money to run the system this badly!!

Typical Bart cost-cutting

Once again, Bart runs an inadequate number of trains for opening season for the Oakland A's. Like last year, they will say they have run more trains than the year before; therefore we have solved the problem. But the reality is the number of trains on opening day baseball is hopelessly inadequate. The train i was on actually stopped and started continuously between bayfair and san leandro. Give me a f@cking break Bart. Pay attention to the rest of the universe...

Contra Costa Times Article on BART Fares and Parking Increases|met:0000300|cat:0|order:17&%2F%3Fsource=dailyme

I just read that BART wants to raise fairs and parking fees next year AGAIN

Services continues to diminish. It is at below 2008 pre-economy crash levels with no service restoration in site. BART is talking about rebuilding Montgomery and Embarcadero BART Stations when the trains are already so crowded you can't Board so what good is that going to do unless BART starts running trains more often first????

I really wonder about the people who run BART sometimes. I'm very disappointed in BART's Board for taking so long with East County after we've been paying property taxes forever and ever and ever, as well as the rest of the fees and increased fares.


I can't believe what pathetic service BART provides. BART can't think of a better way to do earthquake retrofitting. We received NO NOTICE of single tracking last night until we were down on the platform. What about people who have bus connection. Why doesn't BART just revise the schedule so they can single track and we catch a train friggin fucking at the time BART says the train will be on the platform. The fucking late night commute is already slow and mmiserable enough.

Proposed Highway 24 soundwalls may impact Rockridge BART platform

Along with other traffic improvements, soundwall studies are tentatively funded under the Caldecott Tunnel Settlement Agreement between Caltrans and the City of Oakland. If these studies go forward, $1.2 million would be spent to study the feasibility of building soundwalls along both sides of Highway 24 through the Rockridge neighborhood of North Oakland.

Fiscal Cliff Has Restored Commuter Benefits $240.00 per month instead of $110.00 for 2013

After losing 50% of my FSA, I was delighted to see that at least my commuter benefits have been restored to what they were in 2011. Takes a little bit of the sting out of losing my FSA money. I read this last night in the SF Examiner on BART on my home from work. I also appreciated having a nice commute home last night on BART except for this guy peeing on the Montgomery platform (Embarcadero side); that was gross. I feel really sorry for BART workers that have to walk into those tunnels. This was on the SFO Airport side.


I can't believe BART Central did that to us because of police activity at Concord. BAD DECISION. It was freezing,freezing cold out there and the situation was almost resolved before you kicked us off the train. You had us holding at every other BART station all the way out there, the situation was COMPLETELY resolved within three minutes of BART Central doing that. You tout increased police officers during the holiday season, yet I have bearly seen any BPD on BART or on the platforms where BPD is needed just to manage these idiot drunks trying to Board departing trains and falling down.

Please don't close the doors without actually sticking your head out to check


I realize you need to keep the trains running on time, but please don't close the doors without checking to see if there's anyone left. I was in line, waiting my turn to enter. Happened to be the last one when you decided to close the doors. It wasn't a big crowd, perhaps 8 people. I did not do that obnoxious thing where people are late and jam the doors, or indeed, once someone threw their bag and successfully kept the doors open once. It wasn't even rush hour, and I don't appreciate it when TOs can't be bothered to check during non-busy hours to see if anyone's left.

Hiring of Train Operators

Does anyone know where Bart stands in hiring the supposed 100 + operators? Are any classes going on now? When are the planned next classes? Will the fiscal cliff affect bart? Just wondering if I should seek alternate employment? I'm on the list between 1-40 so I'm in limbo right now but it will be worth it when Bart comes through! This is my dream

TreoBART's picture

Wakeup Call

I really like the TO on my regular SF train. He's pretty chill until Embarcadero, then he does a wake up call announcement. He had a great one at Embarcadero this morning:

"Good morning everyone and welcome to a new work week. There are 14 days until Christmas, 19 days until we fall off the fiscal cliff, and a few moments to look around and make sure you have all your personal belongings..."

BART proposed parking increase and survey = financial profiling and more mismangement

BART’s desire to raise prices for parking lots where the lots fill up is shameful. It just another revenue stream BART is trying to exploit without giving the ridership a true accounting. Their rhetoric is beyond tired and transparent, yet they don’t see it.

This morning I took the parking related survey sent to me by BART and am pissed off. Even before I took the survey I felt BART was basically going to financially profiling riders to squeeze every drop from us everyday riders. After taking the survey I know it’s true, regardless of what any BART talking head may say.

missed Bart because terminal was too dumb to read my card

the train was about 2 minutes away...enough time to buy a ticket from a smart terminal. there is nothing wrong with my card...I have been using it for years. People in the transportation industry don't seem to respect the time of citizens....of course, this poorly designed machine also refused to accept my cash...imagine that! not every dollar is crisp and uncreased...I guess this terminal only accepts 1% of cash...only bills fresh off the printing press


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