Man Jumped Onto The Tracks In San Leandro

I was at the San Leandro Bart Station late at night on Wednesday when a man jumped down onto the tracks. Another man yelled at him and he seemed upset. I thought that he was going to commit suicide in front of me and all of the passengers on the platform.

The train was less than 2 minutes away. He climbed onto the third rails and didn't get electrocuted. How did he do that?

Eventually, he made it all the way across to the platform on the other side and climbed up out of the tracks. If one of the trains had been just a little earlier he'd probably be dead.

SCRUB CREW; please clean platforms, stairs and stations after Giants pukers

There is barf everywhere at Concord, Montgomery, Walnut Creek, Civic Center, Embarcadero BART stations.

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BartRAGE Updates?

Alright folks, I’ve been watching the way things have been going here on BartRAGE lately and it’s nice to see some fresh faces again. However, along with that I’ve noticed that more and more the blog format of this site doesn’t reflect the way it is used.

Take a survey about bikes on BART

Just a reminder if people don't know about it.

Rude employee at 19th street station. BART will not reply to e-mails, calls, letters.

Below is the letter that I sent to BART regarding a rude employee who accused me of "jumping to gate"/lying and wouldn't return my remaining balance on my card! I take BART to work and back, everyday, and have never been treated this way! I give them way too much money to be accused of lying and to be given attitude due to the fact that BART's machines don't work half the time and I can't "prove" that. Very very frustrating!

Nails on Bart

This fine Bart patron was clipping her nails this morning. Clip, Clip, Clip.
Not quite as bad as poop on the escalators, but right up there! People are disgusting.

Two Grown Women Fighting Over Who Was First In Line

A few days ago, I saw a fight break out between two full grown professionally dressed women over their position in line.

Most people know the unofficial rules of boarding rush hour trains - when a train comes along, those who do not board step aside for those boarding to get by. After everyone who will board leaves the line, those who did not board re-form the line using the honor system. People simply get back in the line in the same order, minus those who boarded the last train.

Unfortunately, this honor system does not always work and chaos ensues....

4th of July

I had a harrowing experience last night at the Embarcadero Bart station. My family (including 3 small childern) and I caught BART at the Embarcadero station after watching the fireworks on the pier. The underground platform was so overcrowded that the people coming down the escalator literally had no place to go. There was a panic stricken female BART employee who was working there all alone. I asked her (along with many other people) to turn off the down escalator to prevent more people from coming down to an already dangerously overcrowded platform.

Montgomery escalator

This thing has been down for about 5 months. Montgomery -- arguably one of the busiest rush hour stops on the entire line. It is assumed Bart is missing some obscure yet vital mechanical piece to restore service. I bet a full-grown elephant could have been shipped to a tiny village in Nepal in less than half that time. Bart you are a f@cking joke -- no wait, strike that. Bart RoCkS!!

Praise for quick police response

Hats off to Bart police for a quick response this morning to car 1838 heading inbound through West Oakland.

Does BART announce on the platform when trains are taken out of service?

I was at Walnut Creek on the platform waiting to board a train that was supposed to show up in five minutes. The train never came and there was no announcement. Just curious.

Maybe it was powdered peanut butter

Traveling northbound to SF I met a friendly wheelchair guy on the train and chatted a bit. Once conversation stopped I returned to my laptop and then looked up seconds later to see him with with a butter knife under his face, hunched over. Coke on the train.

At least he was pleasant... and then again maybe it was just powdered peanut butter.

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If you're going to break the bike rule, at least don't act entitled

Asshole Rider of the Day

I'm about to get on the (no bikes) evening train when a guy with his mountain bike cuts me off to get on the train ahead of me.  Then, he asks an old man who can't be younger than 70 to move to the other side so he can sit with his bike.  He sits in the isle so someone else will have to sit behind his dirty tire, then when the train gets full he hassles someone for bumping him.

That is the worst behavior I've seen on BART for a while, it's been pretty tame recently.

Fremont Commuters Changing Work Schedules?

I find this a little silly on how people go out of their way - work morning shifts and not full shifts but part time, especially the way economy is lately - just to park in these number stalls 1 through 24. Next to the enterance of the BART station. I will be taking pictures of these cars for employers to see why the want for change of work schedules for certain employees. The work schedules are 7 am to 12 pm. Arrive at the station at 6 am in the morning and leaving before 5 pm.

BART's misuse of statistics

So BART has published the results of the seat lab survey. Survey Are they really going to get away with their criminal misuse of statistics? It's clear that planners had pre-ordained Option B to be the winner. It's all too transparent that BART anticipated that most riders wouldn't, and so diluted the more popular option (front/back facing seats) into two sub-cases (options A and C) so they could then claim that option B was most popular.

Station Agent at Montgomery Today at 2:25 p.m.

I hope they keep this guy; he's really nice and helpful. Very approachable.

Job Posting

For those that are still looking for a job BART is hiring for Part Time Station Agents.

Storm Warning

Been amazing quiet of late in the yards and shops. Appears that UM (upper management) is in for some changes as new admin settles in and assesses the good, bad and ugly. Let the good times role for change .......... time for several to pack their bags for flight, zero hours, nine am......


The pack of passengers that sprinted up the escalator and were standing at the top of the stairs after the doors closed REALLY APPRECIATED that you stopped and opened the doors for us and let us on.


Configuration B opinions

Hey. I just heard from BART board member Robert Raburn on facebook that by popular demand, Conifguration B has been chosen. He gave me some advice as to imagine you know an open space around the middle door sort of like a bus and with the traditional forward seating at the ends. I relalize now as to why it might be a good conifiguration. Now it all comes down to the exterior. What do you all think though? Please chime in with your comments.


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