BART Future Car Concept C Suggestions

I really propose and order for the BART board to choose concept C for the new cars because it provides more seating than the current cars. However, I think that the seats could be reconfigured at the ends of the cars to provide more space for people with luggage, strollers, wheelchairs, and bikes. In other words make the ends of the cars have sideway seats instead and the middle have the traditional forward seating. Plus two windows in between the doors. I feel the recently updated concept does not have enough seating especially for those that travel long distances.

What do you all think of the new possible updated seating for the new cars?

What do you all think of the new possible updated seating for the new cars? I really don't think that it's enough seating. Let me know what you all think and what improvements can be made. I really think they should consider going for concept C.

Here is the link.

How many BART employees does it take to (not) change a light bulb?

Why is it that I have never seen fewer than four employees changing a lightbulb on the platform? Today at Powell, there were three standing around, with one up a ladder staring at a socket. After a while, he walked down after not having done anything. After about a minute of (apparently) shooting the breeze, they slowly walked on to the next fixture. Perhaps they needed a fifth worker to go and fetch the bulb? (The last time I saw a similar scene at 12th St Oakland, there were four people standing around, and the one on the ladder was actually installing the bulb).

I'm having another drink

Anybody out there ever find out the sentence for the BART District's former General BarTender, I mean Manager after her booze filled joy ride through the Wine Country?

Shorter Richmond/Fremont Trains! Stop the insanity!

The driver on my 6:00 PM Richmond train confirmed today that the Richmond line has been switched to five-car trains.

Prior to the New Year, I noticed that afternoon Richmond trains during the rush were suddenly five, not six-car trains. Not good. Recently, given the number of people on the Richmond line, it seemed like a seven-car train might actually be more helpful during the evening rush.

Please send email protesting pre-tax commuter benefits reduction from $230 to $125 by Congress by sending letter to below link

Further Details below:

New National Effort Urges Congress to Take Action to Extend the $230 Pre-Tax Transit Limit

Just as with last year, Congress has again delayed any action on an extension to the $230 pre-tax transit limit that went into effect in early 2009. If Congress does not act in 2011, the transit limit will be reduced to $125 month on January 1, 2012, and any election amount over $125 should be deducted from a participant’s pay on an after-tax basis.

Embarcadero question

Are there elevators or only stairs? Im bringing infant, pregnant woman, and luggage. Should I just cab it from SFO?

Bumpy Ride

Bumpy ride on car 1907 today, feels like it needs its shocks sorted out!

Car 1720, oh my.

Car 1720 stinks to high heaven, even by BART standards.

Let me see, no 'proudly maintained by' sticker ... seems no Yard wants to claim this one.


As if we didn't already know No Justice No BART are idiots. From :

Wednesday morning BART protest canceled

An activist group planning to protest outside downtown Oakland BART stations during Wednesday's general strike has had a change of heart after their plan was lambasted by some of their own supporters.

Strangely enough, many protesters are counting on BART to deliver them to the demonstration.

Ice Cream nightmare

This past sunday evening (@ 8pm)I was minding my business reading a map sitting in a front seat near the window after boarding at the Powell Street station. Before the doors closed a group of 5 teenage girls (none over the age of 15) board and sit to the side of me, in front of me (the seats facing inwards) , across and one sitting on top of another's lap. I look up and get a BAD feeling about them. Still, I go back to my map reading but beforehand I notice they are eating ice cream (from Cold Stone) out of pint containers and ice cream sandwiches.

Meanie McMeanface

I was hustling up the stairs this morning because we'd all heard the train pull in...

Apparently I wasn't fast enough for the Adonis behind me because he said, "Move it Fat-Ass!"

We made it into the train and he was standing in front of me... I said, "Hey, what did you say to me?" ... "If you can say it to my back, why don't you say it to my face."

He went through the doors into another car... A man sitting near where I stood sympathized with me and offered me a seat. I thanked him but declined... stewed a bit, then went to look for the Adonis.

Every Time You see Something Broken, Take a Picture ...

... I've been doing this for the last 3 years or so, you can see my pictures HERE . Remember these are just the failures I see on my commute, and sometimes I just don't have time to snap a picture. I'm about to hit flickr's 200 photo limit !

Writing Contest for Bart Riders

Mountain Top Publishing is offering a Short Story Writing Contest for Bart riders who would like to have a short story published in a collection about commuting on Bart. The Short Story should be one to five pages and be about some aspect of Bart commuting. All genres welcome. We are looking for the outrage, the humor, the science fiction, mystery, romance, and the pathos of Bart riding, but mostly for good writing and good stories.

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Tell it to the Judge

Philo's post reminded me of something that happened to me last week. This older couple got on, both of them stinking of liquor, having a low key argument. The guy starts hitting on the woman in front of me, and his wife / girlfriend / hooker comes up and starts telling him, very calmly, to shut his mouth, and that if he didn't he'd be telling it to the judge. And that she works for the judge, so he knows she's not lying.

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Aggro Hippies on PBP Train

So I was accosted yesterday by some Aggro Hippies. There were three of them, two men and one woman. The couple sat down, and the second hippy, who had two big, leashed dogs with him, starts yelling at me that I was in a handicapped seat and that he wanted my seat. It was an almost empty train, 1pm on a Tuesday, westbound. I was seated in the first rear-facing seat, which is where most bike riders sit, and definitely not a handicapped seat.

Etiquette people.

I realize that my complaints are not going to apply to the commuter or the BART savvy individual. Also, those who commit these BART offences will probably never read this blog. With that said, let the bitching begin...

missing train (again)

Just when I thought maybe bart was getting its shit together, no SF train shows up in fremont. No announcement, no notice on the displays, no acknowledgment by the TO. Just me 15 minutes late (again) with no explanation except the usual "BART SUCKS." What a bunch of tools--- I give up.

No Clipper on AirBART? Really?

The subject says it breathtakingly stupid is that?


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Facebook Ad

I was on Facebook today and an ad popped up for this site:

I guess those ads don't cost much.


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