Oh please....

Apparently some more kiddies decided it'd be "cool" to attempt to shut down the commute again:

What assholes.

I'd love to grab one of them and explain to them:

If cell phone service was a first amendment right we'd have a hell of a lot better coverage throughout the bay area.

If you throw a knife at or take a swing at a police officer you can't be surprised when you get shot.*

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Conversation on a crowded PBP Train

Bro man you remember me from Facebook bro? Oh man give me a hug bro. No you don't remember me? I seen you on Facebook man... My bro Fred was out with you last week, he was talking to his probation officer and he's totally going to pass man. You got your dolphins hat on that's cool msn as long as it's not the Raiders, huh bro? You don't remember me I was best friends with Stephanie that girl you met at that party last year? I'd hug you but you don't remember me. Oh man if you remembered me we'd be best friends....

Yet another for your amusement

link from ktuv...(duh)

See you all then .

Be safe

To the BART Parker who hit my vehicle, YOU SUCK

Thanks alot.

I always leave a lot of space on both sides so you must have been drunk off your ass or backed into it.


BART just announced their new GM. See

I don't know anything more than the press release about Ms. Crunican, but I do remember being favorably impressed with the public transportation system in Portland when I visited there a few years back. One of the coolest things was that they had managed to make the trains completely free within the downtown area. You only had to pay if you were going to the more outlying areas. Really convenient...

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It's the Principle

I have a pretty small car, so when I see a good space with an asshole parking job next to it I take it anyway. Some beat-ass Mercedes had both tires over the line today. Still made it.

Is it that hard to park inside the lines? They know this lot fills up. I hope they get a ticket.

Someone slashed my bike tire at East Dublin BART today

So someone slashed my bike tire at East Dublin BART today. My bike was locked up inside the station all day and I return from work to find it flattened. And my bike lock wasn't wrapped around anyone else's bike. I tried to pump up my tire only for it to go flat again. BART officials refused to review security cameras to catch the culprit. Thus they are giving me complete impunity to slash everyone else's bike tires at BART so I can take my vengeance. I had to walk home, took me 1 hour.

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I should have taken BART.... oh wait

What a shitty, shitty couple of days to have to haul my ass into the city. Yesterday, rather than take my chances with the protestors I decided to grab the company car and do a grand pick up tour at our different offices, then keep the car overnight. I offered to go back over the bridge people up if needed, but no takers. Made record time out of Oakland. I have heard that other people were not so lucky, sorry to anyone who got stuck in the city for a while, but I atoned for it today. I also had to buy an overnight permit for my car and leave it in the lot... again.

Heads up another protest tomorrow

From the people who hacked the myBART site today and leaked the personal info of thousands of people onto the internet comes another protest tomorrow. Expect a lot of people dressed up in Guy Fawkes Masks and red shirts to cause havoc tomorrow. If they actually show this time.

Senior Discount Tickets

Went to buy my senior discount tickets a Lucky today and there was a notice stating they were no longer going to sell them after 8/22/11. Is Bart eliminating the senior tickets
or is this just Lucky deciding not to sell them anymore?

Fool Protestors at it Again

For those who haven't seen this already, the numbskull protestors are going to be at it again today in Downtown SF stations this afternoon. At least BART sent an alert about it.

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Several VIP's have been lost on bart

Reposted from Claycord

A camera, with some Very Important Pictures on it, was lost on BART today, and the owners are asking for its return.

Here’s the email we received this morning….

Our nieces and nephews — along with the youngest (8) who is chronically ill — were able to come to california for a visit with their parents. This was a pretty big deal as he’s never been able to travel too far because of his medical condition which has kept them home-bound for much of his life.


According to SF Gate, Linton Johnson is telling everyone to find another way home? That bites. No one is here. Why aren't there buses going to East Bay? Major expletative! BART SO SUCKS.

Why no ZipCar/City Car Share at the end of the lines?

Does anyone know why ZipCar and City Car Share don't have any cars at the end of the lines (I'm thinking especially Millbrae and Fremont). It'd be incredibly convenient to have them there for meetings in the South Bay or Peninsula.

Yes, I know there is (was??) a Hertz at Fremont, but that's a huge amount more cumbersome than ZipCar.

all transit, all the time

Hey, commuter brethren.

I'm a longtime lurker on this blog and finally feel shameless enough to plug my own: On Transit--a Tumblr account collecting the fruit of my eavesdropping and other shameless nosiness on BART cars. Updating just about daily.

Hope you enjoy!

Escalator Service

Its incredible to think that for weeks now two escalators at Civic Center have been down, although one was working this morning. It forces us to walk miles around, and I couldn't even take the elevator today it was torn apart. It seems to me BART needs to contract for service instead of employing their own guys. A good service company can have these up and running in no time, lets get it sorted out.

remember when?????

i remember when bart first opened back in the early 70's,there was talk back then of having it go all the way around the bay by 1990, if san mateo &santa clara counties would agree to the tax structure for funding the projects. so what ever happened to all the great hopes & dreams of a bygone era..

5 car trains

Took a five car train from embarcadero to pleasant hill and had to stand the whole trip. Plus, I felt I was riding on a rolling petri dish!


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