Actually using the "ramp to nowhere"?

Just saw the post at , and it brought to mind the second post I ever made here. Anyone know if this expansion of the Hayward Yard will finally use that ramp? It's a bit unclear in the pictures posted on the SFBART blog.

(Just curious.)

WARNING: Armed robberies near North Berkeley BART

For any of you who are users of the North Berkeley BART station, there has been a recent rash of armed robberies of pedestrians and break-ins to cars on the street in the neighborhood surrounding the station.

The armed robberies have been happening at gunpoint every few days since late October, and have been occurring both during the day and after dark. The text of the flyer being distributed in the neighborhood is below, and the full flyer is attached.

Please spread the word, and be careful out there!


Can these seats get any worse

Yesterday, Monday I got on the 6.40am something train out of Pittsburg, last car as usual and the seats were so bad, dirty that I had to take a picture. While the seat cushion appeared to have newer covers, the backs were actually black and discolored so badly, people turned and left the coach. Did anyone see Sundays Amazing Race on CBS TV, they show trains all the time that contestants travel on, Sunday was in Korea, and except for India one trip, I have never seen anything as disgustingly dirty as our transit system.

Why So Many "Equipment Problems?"

Could somebody please tell me why there are so many delays due to "equipment problems?"

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clipper card "discount"

to summarize, you can buy a bunch of $2 clipper cards and get cheap rides. use $2 ticket to enter the station, take an $8 ride, and the same card will still allow you to exit (the card allows a $10 negative balance). throw the card away and use another $2 card for your next trip. yikes.

Trains get dirtier and dirtier

They have got worse over the last three years, but this last week takes the cake. On Tuesday I came out of Pittsburg and had to walk through three cars until I found a seat that I could sit in without feeling bugs would eat me, they were so dirty and stained that you could no longer distinguish between the floor and a seat. Then last night in the first car headed back to pittsburg the smell was just overpowering it was so bad, I threw my clothes in the garage to go to the dry cleaners.

How congested

was the Market Street subway for BART today? Because when I was coming home from the Giants victory parade, my train had to wait at Montgomery for quite a while before heading to Powell where it waited for longer than usual as well. I also noticed that BART was shooting two trains to MacArthur, one to Bay Fair, and several to 24th street.

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Team Spirit

Civic Center was all dressed up for the game. There was a huge group of people watching the game on the lawn of City Hall when I left. I snapped a picture of the closed info booth that one of the employees decorated:

Giant Info Booth

What's going on at San Leandro; Why Is PBP Line Affected becuase of San Leandro Closure?

Thought I would take BART into work this morning. Show up at Walnut Creek at 7:50 a.m.; station closed. Station opens at 8:00 a.m., first train at 8:16 which arrives late. Should have drove to Orinda because there is one leaving Orinda at 8:05 a.m.

Clipper PArking?

I got an email recently stating that I HAVE to get a Clipper Card and that EZRider won't pay for rides soon. And oh by the way, I can't use Clipper for Parking so I have to carry the EZRider card anyway. What kind of dumbass thought this scheme up? Now I have to carry and maintain 2 cards??

Raburn and Hill for BART Board

Vote Robert Raburn and Bert Hill for BART Board of Directors Nov 2. Bring real change to BART. They are both transit advocates, not politicians.

If you live in East Oakland and Alameda (District 4) vote for Robert, west and north SF (District 8) vote for Bert.

Cleaner trains and stations!
Open up the underground bathrooms!
Bring back 15 minute service nights and weekends!


know the news coming out of the new West Dublin/Pleasanton station? I know BART's holding a public meeting to solicit public opinion on fares and parking fees (as if they'll listen), but I haven't heard any news on the construction front.

better signs in BART cars and stations

A local designer who rides BART put some thought into making the BART experience better. Specifically focusing on signage in stations and train cars to address common real-world problems on BART.


Beware Bay Fair BART Riders! Towing Going On at Bay Fair Mall Parking Lot

If you're like me, you are use to being able to find free parking
at the Bay Fair BART station up until 10:00 am. Very suddenly, all
parking fills by like 8:30. Isn't this a bit strange?

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BART video on hot cars

Help BART beat the heat

I've seen Lynette Sweet talk on camera before but I haven't actually seen Linton Johnson. Short little video worth a watch.

Door opposite the northbound platform at Lake Merritt?

I was at Lake Merritt this afternoon (coming back from the Pixar exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California--highly recommended) and noticed a door at the north end of the station, across the northbound tracks from the platform. It looks like the only way to get to it would be to pull a train into the station and cross over. It says something about high voltage/stay clear on it. Just curious: anyone know what's back there? I've never noticed anything like that before.

Robbery ON THE TRAIN at MacArthur Last NIght -- Hold on to your Laptops and Belongings

Of course no BPD on the train so the passengers went running after the robber. They had to shut down the power and it caused a delay in getting home because supposedly the robber went running onto the tracks. The guy behind me had such BAD BREATH I had to move; at least by MacArthur there was a seat to move to because BART insists on running five-car trains past 11:30 p.m.. When will BART get it and put officers on the trains? At least there should be an officer at MacArthur at midnight EVERY NIGHT. This crime would not have happened if there was police presence.

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Yes, I have change. No, you're not getting it. Leave me the Fuck Alone!

I'm cross-posting this from Claycord because typing it reminded me how angry I am at the people wrecking my commute every single day.

What is that black stuff in the carpets?

I have noticed that in some cars the seats that are nearest to the ends of the doors have big black stains under them... Does anybody know what this is?

I rode in a train today where the stains were so bad that the floor was sticky and the whole car smelled bad.

Results of NTSB investigation of Washington Metro crash

The NTSB just came out with their report about the June 2009 Washington DC Metro crash. The Washington Post has details.

I wonder if any of the issues identified or changes required will affect BART, given how similar the systems are. Anyone know?


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