BART -- FIRE ALL BART EMPLOYEES and HIRE from a pool of more than 8.5% of the unemployed.

Ok people, we are now being held hostage by incompetent BART management and irresponsible UNIONS. So what is next…? Higher FARES and no choice.

It’s time to get the governor involved on this, or press BART to fire everyone and start a rehiring process that would place wages at reasonable market rates. When was the last time you got a paid increase or benefits increase? Seriously, enough is enough.

I for one have not received a paid increase over 8 years, and in fact, my contributions have skyrocketed by 8% over the past three years and this in addition, did I mention I am a government employee? if not, guess what, I am a gov employee. So, in addition to taking a pay cut, no pay increases, I am also required to take furloughs. SO, UNIONS, no symphaty here. Seriously, why all this drama and unreasonable demands from the UNIONS.

BART – start your layoffs and take advantage of the unemployment pool which currently stands in California at 8.5%. I for one will take a job if offered.

WAKE up BART and loyal BART riders. CALL the GOVERNOR and BART and express how you truly feel. UNIONS — SHAME ON YOU!!!! I use to belong to the UNION and now, forget about it!!! CROOKS undeserving of any pay increases.

“BART's top-paid train operator grossed $155,308, compared with the $109,450 that the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority paid its top light-rail driver. BART's best-paid janitor made $82,752 while the upscale Hillsborough City School District paid its top custodian $59,360. And BART's electrician with the highest paycheck made $149,957 -- nearly twice the $79,878 that AC Transit's best-paid electrician made.”

Oh!! By the way, REMEMBER THE long BART delays that we experienced this last spring? A broken car here and there,...this shows you how great union employees are in fixing BART cars, and foremost, escalators, etc.



There is a no strike clause in the contract, the strike started after the contract expired. No contract, no no strike clause.

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Well that's kind of a fun loophole isn't it?