Spam and Admin Upgrade

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Edit: Admin has upgraded the site. Thanks admin!

A few points on the upgrade:

- New accounts now require a valid e-mail address. This isn't something that has to be enabled, but it will help keep "fake" accounts to a minimum. Discussion in the comments is encouraged.

- The new validation requirement seems to have kicked a lot of our more recent registrants into the "anonymous" category. Flipped a switch so this shouldn't happen in the future.

- Also, something funky happened with the user images, and the website assigned some existing photos at random. I'm not sure how to fix this, probably the best bet is to re-upload a new image. It accepts larger images now anyway, so it's a good time to put something a little more hi-res up there.

- Right now, BART RAGE has two moderators. If you are interested in being a moderator send an e-mail to Someone who's good with Drupal would be nice

I'm working on getting rid of the spam that's accumulated. I haven't logged in for a little bit. The spam filter has been busted for a while but it looks like someone has found us for their posts. Unfortunately, I don't have any control over the back end of the site, so it'll likely happen occasionally. I'll try to get on and clean up more often.


I deleted about 3 dozen spam messages about 3 weeks ago, just couldn't keep up with it all. LoL

Appreciate the effort just the same guys.

Treo and Lucifer, we recently updated the site and spam filter. Are both of you interested in elevated rights to the site? Also, we need more moderators. Let us

I fear change.

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You must not be homeless then. Good for you!

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