Motor Scooter Parking at Orinda Station

Hi, I'm new to BART. Wondering if there is motor scooter parking at Orinda Station, and if so, where is it, what does it cost and is there a waiting list for parking spots? Thanks


hi folks any answers to my question?

I believe scooters are counted as motorcycles and there is a parking area for them directly in front of the station, first lot when you come out of the station.Just look for the other motor bike like vehicles , youll be ok.
I assume the fees are the same as the rest of the vehicles.

There is a motorcycle / motor scooter parking area right in front of the station. There is no charge. Since commuting to the station on two wheels is becoming more and more popular, there are not enough parking spaces for all the bikes. Unless you get there early, you'll have park outside the lined spaces. BART needs to consider adding additional spaces.