BART Police Please Do Your Job.

Homeless on Bart. This morning when the "shuttle" pulled into North Concord (only 6 cars long) there were three homeless people on one car taking up two seats each and causing the car to smell unbearably pungent. It was apparent they'd been riding the rails uninterrupted and planned to continue doing so dispute there being standing room only as the trained pulled out of the North Concord station. It really caused a big disturbance as one guy became livid over his inability to sit because of the homeless man yet the majority advocated for the homeless guys rights to not be "respected" despite. It turned in a moral platform for the self righteous to gang up on the man who insisted on sitting down while the Bart employee I had to summon from right outside the car to regulate stood there and asked what am I supposed to do? The crowd cheered on the employee's lack of willingness to get involved while the man wanting to sit down became further enraged. It all seemed to be about saying the politically correct thing over protecting the rights of riders.

Don't get me wrong I give to the homeless and have a soft spot in my heart for those less fortunate however Bart should not let this become a political issue by pandering to the movement because the appear righteous. If you pay for a seat no one should be allowed to take up two seats for any reason. Each person pays for one seat and that is BART's job to enforce not the public and public sentiment about how the homeless should be treat should have no standing when it comes to the paid ridership's rights. Whether the homeless man paid or not is not the question however the real question is do the homeless have more rights than the rest of us...yes on BART.

Bart please protect your one with authority rides the trains...not even during extenuating circumstance such as the Pitts/Bay Point outage when resources are few and patience is stretched. This is a potentially volatile situation ripe to explode. The courtesy clerks greeting us on the platform was nice, the free rider was nice however you have enough officers to monitors trains instead of working around stations while the action is going on on the train one monitors the goings on onboard train cars....creating is a powder keg. Bart keeps increasing the fares however their simple presence would increase the peace and safety for those actually paying to be on board their trains.


Did you try using the BART Watch App?

Did you try calling them in? Did you try the BART app like it was mentioned a few times? Did you bother...doing anything other than coming on a board to complain? You are correct in saying that One person One seat should be a rule...however many "non homeless looking" people regularly take up more than one you complain about them as well?
Call the cops, use the app, report something if you think it is an issue ..I will tell you this though, if they have a ticket all the law can do is have them remove their feet from the 2nd seat.
It is not a crime to be homeless, it is not a crime to smell to high hell, it is not a crime to be a rude inconsiderate jerk,it is not a crime to pass out on the train.
It MUST BE A CRIME in order for a cop to be able to do something actionable other than telling them to move their feet
It is the LAW that is the issue, you can not throw people off the train if they have a ticket.

Did they pass the law about stinky passengers? I remember it being talked about but don't know if it ever got approved or not.

They just made one for people taking up 2 seats, but only during "commuter" hours. They have not make one for "odoriferous" passengers as I think the lynch pin is ...what quantifies as stinky?
I personally find most people wearing cologne / perfume to be offensive to my nose...some are just more sensitive to smells.

I fully expect homeless advocates to challenge the boards vote soon, so..this may not be "over" for people taking up 2 seats.

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There is a misdemeanor on the books for "Aggressive Body Odor" good luck getting that enforced it will be as absurd as the no spreading out law that is coming .

Enforcing it is the hard part, the second the advocates step in ....the board members will fold and not allow enforcement.

It is a misdemeanor? Wow ..infraction ...I could see but...that seems excessive to me.

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Not to someone with a compromised immune system or hyper sensitivity to perfumes and or harsh odors that can cause an anaphylaxis or asthma attack.

Not going to argue semantics with you.
Just how I think a law is interesting in it's classifications,example= speeding is considered an infraction of traffic a point, and it is far more lethal a thing in a 2 ton rolling car.