Train Operator Position

Did anyone else here apply for the train operator position last August? I was not called for the written test until January and passed. May not be called for the next phase of the selection process until April-May. Anyone know what's taking so long in the process this time around? Much slower than in the past.

What day did you get the email about the background check and stuff? I'm thinking you're further along in the process than I am. I'm still waiting for the physical exam notification.

Last week

Actually 2 weeks ago. Fingerprint and physical email came last week.

Ahhh ok. I got my original email 2 weeks ago too but I just found out that the last one of my references they needed to talk to just called back yesterday so I think that delayed it for me.

Me too!

How's it going BartHopeful2?

I was getting a little nervous there for a while because I hadn't heard anything since they asked for consent for the Background check. But I called HR a few times and sent a couple Emails and was told not to worry they it's a slow process. There's more than one class so just be patient. That made me feel a lot better. Are you starting a class soon?

Not sure, just did the fingerprints and physical yesterday.

I heard from a Train Operator that a class is starting June 16th. There may be one before that too but that's the only date he knew for sure.

Last night I get a status update email saying that for job 4745 the eligibility list is being extended until 12/17 and my name will remain on the list until that time. Which I take as good news because the June deadline was coming up fast.

The next paragraph of the email is where Im a little concerned. In a nutshell it stated that even though my name is currently on the list we have posted Part Time T/O position 6439 and we encourage you to apply for that in the meantime. As an applicant you will have to participate in all aspects of the selection process for the new posting.

Im hoping this is just a way to buy time being that my references have already been checked and Bart has requested permission to run a background check on me. Did anyone else get this email?

No. I didn't get that. Could be because I already did the fingerprinting and physical.

That sounds to me like you're in! Congratulations and Good Luck!!!

Thank you!

Why would they want you to apply for the new posting though?

You should call HR to make sure. Sometimes 2 different departments may be working on something and they don't cross reference.

Yeah I called and got some information. Im an alternate right now. If anyone drops out of the class that's starting soon then they pull alternates to fill those spaces. I am encouraged by the fact they extended the eligibility list because if there's a class between this next one and December it'll be all the alternates in those slots. I already applied for the new position just in case we don't get pulled before December.

The HR rep I spoke to was very helpful and also said there are gonna be lots more openings for other positions like station agents etc. Just keep applying, we know the process by now so eventually something good will happen.

That's good news!

Still haven't gotten an email yet. Do you guys know what number you where on the eligibility list?

No. They don't give you a number. You are just on it.

I don't have any idea.

Any updates for you?

Nah nothing yet, what about you? You should be starting soon right?

Yes, orientation is Monday. I was wondering about ebeezy.


Hey ebezy17! Any updates for you yet?

No not at all. All I got was the email saying that they are going to extend the list for six more month, and that they encourage me to reapply for the next pool. But the last time I called they said it was 93 on the list and I'm number 61.He said that they currently have 35 already, so with this class that they are starting now should bring it up to 48 since they have classes of 12. So as long as they have 2 more classes by December I should be ok... I hope... Lol

Thats good news!

Hey Corin80, how's training coming along?

Its going great! Have you received an email for testing yet? My sisters friend applied in May and already has been invited to testing next month!

That's Great! Do you know if there will be anymore classes? I haven't gotten the Email about the new round of testing yet. Still hoping to get the phone call for a training class between now and December.

Keep up the good work!


Wow really? That was pretty quick. When will your class be done with training?

Hi ebezy17 have you heard anything yet? That December 17th date is creeping up really fast on us now. I haven't gotten an email or any communication since they told us the list was being extended. Did you take the test for job 6439? If we have to go through the process again at least we know exactly what to expect going forward. Good Luck

Training should be over end of September. Not sure when any other classes will be starting.

good to know. Thanks

What is the situational awareness test

hello can anyone tell me what is on the written test for T/O position? I got an invitation to take it.

I also received an invitation and would like to know how to study for the test

Sure, just go to either or
and click on Job Seekers. Then choose Exam Information.
Your PDF will be the Multiple-Choice Test Prep Manual.
Hope it helps.

By the way, how did you (and anyone else) think you did on the (10/21) T/O test 2 weeks ago?
Did you have a chance to check out the Multiple-Choice Test Prep Manual on SF's city website?
What was your take on any of the areas tested including Reactive Learning? You know you all,
if we stick together, maybe we can figure out what's ahead as others have done here on these pages before us.

Did u take it on 10/21? Heard there was about 200 people there in Berk.
This past Mon. there was only 6 for the make-up in Oakland.
HR said the next step would be a Simulation Test on video in about 2 wks.
which would make it before Thanksgiving. Is that what u heard, too,
or did u already take it? Thanks, this would help us all to share as we move on.

Hello catcat00, looks like the test results for all of us
on the 6439 T/O openings was not ready yet yesterday...
but HR said Status Update will be out in 24 hrs.

cc: MsMarbley

Hello MsMarbley & catcat00
Since the results of the exam are out,
the HR analyst mentioned that the Simulations Tests
will be on video by the 24th. That's Thanksgiving!
Has anybody heard anything else about this? Thanks!

What is the situational awareness test.. has anybody saw this and know what to expect ..

Looks like we all are on the same boat or train on Sat.! As far as studying to improve one's reading,try the Career section at the library. There will be some books with practice tests. What helps is that many are set up in the multiple-choice fashion that's up our alley.

recently I wanna apply this job, but I can't find any position opening.

Hey, Jumbo 76, Situational Awareness tests could be the Simulation Tests that HR said would be next if u pass the written exam. It could be like seeing how do you perform in a Driving Simulator. What are your thinking skills under different road, weather & traffic conditions?
Can u come up big on situation awareness, hazard perception & decision making under time pressure?