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BARTEmp, asked if I filled out any comment cards. This got me to thinking. I've been commuting for four years on bart now and I've never seen a comment card. I don't even know what one looks like. So, this morning in the San Bruno station I walked around the agents booth and looked for the comment cards - nothing. No, I didn't ask the agent where they were. I figured that they should be in plain sight. I walked around the kiosks on the agent floor and the platform - nothing. Ok so San Bruno doesn't have any comment cards - I'll try Montgomery. I checked the kiosks on the platform as I exited the train - nothing. I went to the agents booth upstairs - the agent asked "May I help you?" I said no thanks just reading the information that's around your booth - again nothing. Hmm. Did I just happen to hit two stations that are out of cards? Does that seem impossible? Were they right in front of me and I just didn't see them? Should they have been in a box clearly marked COMMENT CARDS?

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By the way I wasn't about to take pics of the agents booth. Both booths had Bart cops in them.

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Comment Cards are kept in the booth, or on www.BART.gov.

Sometimes when an agent is trying to get people to complain they will put them out, but not normally. It is not on the list of required brochures to have in the rack so the Agents would rather have ones they get graded on.. And those are the ones with different color tops..

Here's a link

BART comment cards are postage paid, BART pays the postage, so you won't find a comment box in the stations either...

Hard to believe, but if you call BART's Customer Service center (510-465-2278), you can also comment by phone. Customers' complaints are actually reviewed and addressed personally. My boss has even had my co-worker review records related to a complaint to determine its background/validity.