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The purpose of this site is to create a community for BART riders who are willing to share good and bad experiences. Through this site we are hoping to share with other riders/employees and let our voices be heard to BART management that BART is important to commuters. We highly believe BART can improve their system and service by correctly utilizing our hard earned fare. We support BART because it cuts down on pollution and helps our environment. Please spread the word to other BART riders. Happy BARTing!!!

Toilet Rough-In Plumbing - How To Achieve It

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How Keep Away From A Drain Plumbing Emergency

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Quarter Mil Consultant

Anybody know what ever happened to the Rocket Scientist the District hired to explain the f ups of negotiations from last years>

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Embarcadero cleaning

It seems that the walls in the Embarcadero station are actually white! Who knew? I'm glad to hear that they're finally getting a thorough cleaning. I hope this doesn't stop with Embarcadero: it'd be great to see all the other stations similarly cleaned up. And I'm glad to hear that that ugly overgrown macramé thing at the end of the platform has been dumped.

See for details and a few pictures.

Basket Ball Player asking for donations for Travel Ball (EOYDC BLAZERS SCAM)

Below is an email from the organization that a young black male is soliciting funds for on Bart. He claims it's for his Travel Basket ball team. Don't give this POS a dime!

Hello XXX,

EOYDC Blazers Scam

Bird Sh** at Colma Station

This has gotten really bad. There are some parts of the parking garage that have almost a foot of bird excrement piled up. In other areas, you cannot walk without stepping in the droppings. BART, please use the increase in fares and parking to clean this up. Thank You.

What to do

on Feb 10,14 I was coming down the escalator and I heard a loud clank like something broke a second later the escalator suddenly stopped. I was thrown forward I held on to the rail to break my fall. the agent asked me if I was ok and rushed and blocked off the bottom and the top. I asked him what had happened his reply was "I don't know sometimes they just stop. Bart PD came and took a report and also the agent. the agent called a ambulance. and I was taken to the emergency were xrays showed that I had trauma to my neck shoulders and lower back.

Train left Fremont about 5 minutes early

It threw my entire schedule for the day in the city, for which I was already significantly tardy, completely off!

Aggressive Pan Handler who states son is stuck at airport

If you are riding Bart and a guy announces in a loud voice that his son is stuck at the airport because his bag is overweight and needs cash DO NOT GIVE HIM MONEY! It is a scam. He claims to be military and works at Kaiser but does not have money. He is a male black, approx. 6'0/muscular build, bald headed and wearing glasses. This piece of crap does this constantly and preys on the generosity of people who actually think he needs help. He collects money and quickly gets off the train. Yesterday he got off at Concord. Very aggressive. Don't give him anything, please pass on.

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Car of the future preview

Went to the car of the future preview this week. Not bad at all--yes, the seats are rather cramped, but less so than I thought they'd be. I can actually sit down properly in them, which I hadn't expected to be able to do, as I'm 6'7" tall. I also liked the displays inside that show a live map and the current station, though the displays could be larger to be more readable from across the car.

What did others think?

Bart Alternatives

Does anyone know of any resources such as for finding carpools? BART is getting to be a bit expensive commuting to work each day. I'm not looking for entirely free rides and would be happy to give the driver a buck or two for gratitude. I'm looking for a way to get from WC to downtown Oakland to get to work.

Train Operator Position

Does anyone know when BART will be hiring train operators again?

Car theft and incresing crime at Hayward Bart Statn.

Yesterday, my daughter car was stolen from the bart stations and it was found next day at E street near elementary school. Not sure if this was some school kid (or) professional car theif. I want to contact the elementary school to check if they have any video recording of car and theif.

Car conditions was so bad with both Airbag busted and Power Steering wheel so hard, that it won't move.

BART to create app for contacting BART PD

Great idea, but how are people going to use this when large parts of the system has no/very bad cell phone coverage? (especially data, which you would need for sending pictures)

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