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The purpose of this site is to create a community for BART riders who are willing to share good and bad experiences. Through this site we are hoping to share with other riders/employees and let our voices be heard to BART management that BART is important to commuters. We highly believe BART can improve their system and service by correctly utilizing our hard earned fare. We support BART because it cuts down on pollution and helps our environment. Please spread the word to other BART riders. Happy BARTing!!!

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Richmond Train (Orang Line) Run Towards West Oakland

Hello everyone.

I hope you're all doing well. This is my first time posting, but I have lurked around off and on for a while.

I generally support BART and look up to it as a civil, efficient, and trustworthy transit system. However, what happened yesterday is something that I consider ridiculous.

I was coming home from Hayward via the Richmond line. I knew there would be delays when I went to transfer in Downtown, but was expecting a smooth trip until that point. Well...I was wrong.

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