Who are ALL these people handing me shit?

Really, who are they?
With the new fares and adjusted schedule soon to be in effect, BART has provided an army of people to hand out informational flyers. There must of been 6 or 7 BART peeps at del Norte, in addition to the regular Station Agent's, just handing out flyers.

Wazzup wit dat?

Are they regular BART employees on O/T?
Are they part-timers supplementing their income?
Are they JW's who have run out of hard copies of the Watch Tower?

How much does this "handing out flyers" thing co$t?

Why doesn't BART just lay the info out on a table instead of using the information army to acost patrons as they exit the stairway or escalator?

Shit, I thought I was getting something for FREE.

Really BART, I don't need some guy handing me shit.

What he should really say as he hands me the shit is...
"Here, you throw this away."

just bring on the free shit

It's probably pretty cheap. I think the people doing it were volunteers working before/after their shifts. Some of them were pretty high-level BART folks.

If that's true then I will take back all the harsh shit that I said.
Er...I guess.

What's next, some hack from the purchasing department filling in as a T.O. during the next bridge closure?

if u don't have anything good to say about anyone...please, come sit next to me.

for me, I get on BART (sometime between dawn & midnight) take the next train going my way, and pay with my high value ticket ( or EZ-Pass ).

I have no need for the new schedule info.

I would have been oblivious to the new fares or adjusted schedule (if I did not see it posted here)

Hobo Juice, Panhanders, and Petition Pushers I do notice....

I think I saw the Assistant GM at Montgomery one day...

I think it's some of the salary people that get paid no matter how many hours they showup for work..

The agent i just spoke to said there was no overtime posted for hourly or union employees. And she didn't know who was passing things out, except that they sometimes use office staff or management.

She said most of the time special overtime is used for events and ball games (like New Years Eve) ..

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Is it illegal to just pass stuff out to Bart Riders then? Sounds like Station Agents don't report or care to get involved with who is handing out stuff.

Doubt it's illegal, and I doubt an Agent is going to turn a manager in for handing stuff out.. (unless they really are interested in losing their job..).. If it were Illegal, the Police, not the Agents would stop someone.

And I know that if it's political or religious, they don't have to ask BART since it falls under "Free Speech"

i don't understand why BART wastes so much money on printed literature. there are better things for BART to spend money on. People can wait for the final version of the schedules instead of doing all this in between stuff wasting paper and money. for one thing, i hope they get some more janitors and treat the ones they have better than they have been. talk about someone who deserves a raise. these janitors who have to clean up all that paper, coffee and stinky poop sure do.

maybe the printed literature would be printed on paper towels that can be used to clean up the coffee and juice spills.

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Thank You!

It's a quasi-voluntary thing for the professional and management staff--each group (accounting, purchasing, etc.) has to recruit a certain number of volunteers. Union people can volunteer, but can't be forced into it. Non-union can be forced to do it if there aren't enough volunteers. We don't really have any say in what it is we're asked to do--that's decided by upper management. Sometimes it's walking the stations, other times it's distributing literature.

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SUCKS TO BE YOU... but thats BART for you. Next the train operators will be ordered to make announcements to the public telling them how good they got it!