Deaths by Municide

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Is it just me, or do Muni drivers today seem to accelerate faster, brake harder, and run more red lights than usual? Looks like two more people just got toasted by Muni in separate incidents:

Muni needs to understand that killing potential customers is not in their best interest. Unless, of course, fewer passengers really is their goal. Hmmmm.

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Don't know the circumstances surrounding either of these events, but pedestrians can be pretty stupid too. Darwin at work? :)

One day almost a year ago I was on my way to work. As the light was red, several of us were standing on the corner of Front and California waiting. This gentleman came approaching the intersection yapping on his cell. I'm sure what happened was he saw a lady step off the curb out of the corner of his eye, so he assumed the light was in our favor and without breaking stride walked right off the curb and into the street. Muni was FLYING down the street towards us and a few of us yelled at the guy who remained perfectly oblivious until the driver laid of their horn. You could have measured the miss in inches. I was absolutely positive I was about to see my first "pedestrian meets vehicle" accident - and with the speed of that bus he would have FLOWN.

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I was outside of Powell St Station shopping with a few of my friends last fall, and a man was actually struck by the electric poles that power the emission-free buses. He wasn't doing very well, unconscious, bleeding profusely from the head, and needed to go to the trauma center. I never heard what happened to him, but from being nosy and listening to witness statements to SFPD and the driver, he was waiting at the corner and they just snapped off and hit him in the head. Wrong place at the wrong time - a totally innocent bystander.

How often does that happen?

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As a frequent pedestrian, I don't understand people at all. When I'm walking I assume every car, truck, bus, train, SUV, bicycle, skateboarder, Segway, dog, tiger, survey taker, salvation army santa, and angry homeless guy has assigned a point value to me and is looking to get that high score. It makes me a bit jumpy sometimes, but oh well.

I once watched a woman in the dark wearing dark clothes just slowly mosey off the curb right in front of a car that somehow, smoke flying, rubber squealing, stopped about one inch from her hip. I was halfway to dialing 911 before the woman even looked up. Then there was the MUNI bus that blew a red light and almost mowed down a couple and their dog I see walking every day.And the dude who stuck his hand in the path of an oncoming BART train that dared to honk at him for walking on the dots. And this other time...

Never mind. Just be careful whe you walk please. I'd rather not have to test out my expired Red Cross card.

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Though Muni does suck, I think it's jumping to a conclusion that the MUNI drivers were at fault in these incidents.

Many pedestrians here seem to assume it's their right to cross against a light to catch a bus or just because they feel like it. They expect that motorists will always see them and stop for them. I'm not sure where the sense of entitlement comes from, but try this shit in NYC or some other large city and see how things go. The bay area is often way more tolerant of the dumb asses than anyplace else I've been.

Maybe this was Muni sucking or maybe this was just natural selection at work. It's hard to judge from the sketchy information in the articles.