Complaint filed on BART's Web site today...


More than a month ago, a high-value ticket of mine was caught in the machine at Dublin/Pleasanton. It was torn in half, so the station agent there wrote me a pass and I got out without problems at Civic Center. As it was near midnight, I didn't deal with the ticket until the next day. I went to Ticket Exchange in Civic Center and the man there told me to talk to a station agent for an envelope to mail it in. I talked to the station agent, who only gave me an envelope with an Oakland PO Box on it.

I mailed the ticket, stapled together, with a note that had my name, address, phone number and email.

Since it has been so long I had almost forgotten I even mailed it! I called BART today to ask what I should do about this and the man who answered the phone told me that in the future I should get a receipt from the station agent and have the agent mail it. Well, that doesn't really help me now with my missing $30!

He gave me a number to call about the tickets, and when I called it I got BART engineering. So I'm using this form.

All I want is to know where my refund is and why it has taken so long. Is it lost in the mail? Why wouldn't the station agent have known what to do?


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that stinks. i have about $30 or $40 in various value tickets that are either a) too small for a trip or b) got coded incorrectly during exit and no longer work. i am debating what to do with them. on one of them, the agent put it in her machine, wrote $10.10 on it and stamped the back. the stamp on the back is now just a blurry mess. are their any bart station agents out there that can help me???

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on a somewhat related note, the fare increase has totally screwed with my commuter check "system." when i get to the end of a $64 ticket, i used to have to add 50 cents to exit the last time. now i end up with 75 cents left on my ticket. this stinks because i never carry cash and would have to add $3.75 for one last exit. is there a way to start using my new $64 ticket, but burn the 75 cents on the old ticket plus one shiny quarter by paying my parking fee? i don't think the parking machines will accept a ticket that isn't coded as just entering the station.

I usually have about $2 left on my card after commuter check.. I usually give those to my boyfriend who takes $1.50 trips (I never do) and sometimes I'll give it to someone panhandling...

Before I regularly rode BART I used to take my commuter check to safeway, buy my tickets then go to the BART station and have the agent send it in for a refund.

Commuter check unlike wageworks(credit card) can be refunded for cash.. My company gives commuter checks as a bonus to employees, but if you don't ride public transit they won't give you the money. My Train Op buddy told me about it because someone he knew figured it out. Just something to keep in mind if you get more commuter check than you ride in BART

But alas, now I am one of the sardines so I use the tickets now.

I have done that also.. Thats why I don't use Credit Cards to purchase my tickets anymore. If that ticket was bought with a Credit Card then they refund the money back to the Card (Card Company Rules)..

I use Debit or Cash now..

If you use Commuter Check, Cash, or Debit.. I throw small tickets into a box and take them to one of the ticket exchange windows. They will combine them into one ticket.

That envelope has the same address that you can get off the website to send the tickets in on your own, but it is better to have the agent do it.. From my experience it takes about a month to get your money back.

Since the Exhange window told you to mail it in, I would gamble and guess it was purchased with a credit card, and you didn't see the refund because it was credited back to the card. (unless the ripped in half was why the exchange window didn't take it)

It was purchased with a commuter check. How would they know if i had purchased it with cash or credit? Is that encoded in the strip somehow?

Why is it better to have the agent do it?

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Hold your BART Ticket sideways. Look right above the magnetic strip. Those characters mean a lot. One can tell the date/time the ticket was purchased, the ticket's original value, the machine, and the method of payment.

A little BART secret for those who ever wondered.

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Back in August 2008, I mailed in 5 damaged (demagnetized) BART tickets to the refunds office as instructed by a ticket agent. Total of all 5 damaged tickets is $146. It is now November and I haven't received any replacement tickets nor reimbursements, nor any kind of correspondence from BART. I called the refund department today and kept getting this answering machine. I was able to get a hold of an attendant who transferred me back to an answering machine at the refund department. I am hoping to get a reply soon...

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Thanks for funding BART!

Did YOU mail it in.. or did you go through the Agent?

If you have the agent send it in you have a receipt something was sent in.. In that case all you need to do is give them the number on the refund form..

If YOU mailed it in, and they claim they never received it, then you're out of luck..

I goto the exchange windows, since I don't like waiting a month or more for my refund..