crampy station agents at BART Dublin/pleasanton station

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Pls read my subsmission to BART. They are so RUDE!!
Any comments?


I am appalled and outraged at the type of employees that BART has hired. I was entering the Dublin/Pleasanton station this morning at approximately 6:25am to catch the BART train into San Francisco, when my BART ticket indicated I needed to see an agent, which I did. The middle-age lady, who looked to be African-American, stated that she would need to write a voucher for me. I asked her if you she could kindly speed up the process. I wanted to make sure I caught my BART train that I take everyday.

She responded in a complete, unprofessional manner. “Don’t tell me to hurry up…if you want to hurry up, you should go buy a new ticket over there (pointing to the ticketing machine).”

I replied that I just wanted to catch my BART train. I asked for her name since I wanted to file a complaint, but she refused. When I asked another employee, in the booth with her, a middle-age African American man with a “CAL” navy blue cap, he did not give me her name.

As the lady finished with giving me the written voucher, I said, “I’m going to file a complaint.” She responded, “You go ahead, you asshole, and fuck you.”

This kind of service is unacceptable and someone needs to be reprimanded or some type of disciplinary action needs to be embarked. Using profanity is completely inappropriate and unprofessional. I have been a constant rider of BART system, and found it to be wonderful and of great convenience, but employees like today have made me have second thoughts about using BART. In addition I am sending this complaint to the local television stations. Thank you for your time.

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Voltron, you had my total support until you mentioned that you would be sending your complaint to local television stations. Three reasons why:

1) You wrote a very persuasive and valid complaint letter, that would have gone over just fine if you left out the last sentence.

2) Threatening someone that you are trying to get something from (in this case disciplinary action against the aforementioned Agent) doesn't make you any sweetheart to you and takes away from your credibility, and

3) Local TV probably doesn't give a rats ass about some Station Agent being rude

As for her behavior, if this is the whole story it was wildly out of line. I know some great Agents, and I know some horrible Agents. I know some great Police Officers, and I know some that are a disgrace to the Department. I know some... I could go on forever.

There are bad people in every line of work. This isn't Starbucks - this is BART. BART Station Agents are known for poor customer service which totally sucks as there are some that love their jobs, and it shows. Sadly you chose to complain and attack the POSITION in addition to the Agent herself.

Oh well... Hope you keep us posted.

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"this isn't starbucks" the people working at starbucks may be nice, but they are dumber than a box of rocks. i've gone in there a few times to buy ground esspresso beans, they give me this look like i am a nutcase and then they tell me they don't have any. um, then what are you using in YOUR ESPRESSO MACHINE mr/mrs rocket scientist barista??? every single time i have to ask for a manager, who then tells them to take some beans out of the machine's hopper, grind them and then put them in a bag.

as someone said earlier: starbucks = mcdonalds, peets = 5 star restaurant

Dumber than a box of rocks.. LOL, I do agree that many (not all) Starbucks workers are, well, not so bright.. But then again I doubt many Starbuck employees would make it into BART, so thats a poor comparison. The agents I know all say there are a few bad apples, but overall "I" have had no problems. Although I know they get offended when someone tells them to hurry-up. I wouldn't want someone to tell me to hurry up when I am doing the best speed for me. Unless she was slowing down on purpose.

McD's is to Burgers as to Starbucks is to Coffee
I used to always tell people that because starbucks is so watered down compared to Peets, or Tullys.. I'm so glad to see someone has the same views, some of my friends whine that the coffee is to strong at Peets or Tully.

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I (1) thought (2)... oh wait... wrong thread. *ahem*

I thought Shrapnel was going to say "Voltron, you had me at 'Form Blazing Sword!'".

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I was just trying to get a prompt response, that's all.
I guess you called my bluff.
Thanks for comments




I have dealed with her in the past. I use a student ticket and it used to keep getting demagged (jacket had magnets). I got the three tickets demagged in a row before realizing it. So I go to her on the first time to get a voucher and she gives it to me but thinks that i was trying to get a free ride. I didnt have any money on me (my fault) and my dad had already left the station. She was very rude and raised her voice towards me a few times. I showed her my ID and she still didnt believe me. It needs to be taken care of. If i ever have to deal with her again I will be filing a formal complaint to BART. I know that tickets are the users responsibility but if she is impending me getting to school it is not cool with me, my school, my parents, and the Department of Education. And I have a feeling BART dosent want employees yelling and screaming at people

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So there are two sides to every story.

Perhaps you were an asshole? How did YOU approach the situation?

Cause it takes two to tango.

Bottom line: nothing sucks more than some jerkoff (pardon my french...) who gets your day started off on the wrong note. Sounds like the Agent is a 'special' kind of monster.


Hey someone should tell the lady she's on BARTRage.. I would love to see some fireworks here, I haven't seen any good stuff since Skananta and umm, what was that other kids name..

Anyway, I bet there is another side.. I was sitting here thinking how I would feel if I were doing my job and someone where to say

"Could you hurry up please I have (Personal problem goes here)."
My answer would be to say "You're going to be a bit late"

I'm glad I don't work with the public much.

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BART employees waste government resources, and sit on their asses all day becoming fatty and fatty by the minute. DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!


you wonder why we are always in the "red" as a nation?

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We talked today.

She's aware she is on BART Rage... She is a registered user here. (Just found out a few hours ago!) I'll look up her recent activity later, but I'm not tellin' who she is. But I have a feeling she will be posting soon. She knows who I am, and I know who she is. And we agreed to maintain each others anonymity.

I really think that BART Rage can hurt some peoples feelings. Especially posts that are unprovoked, like this one against a Station Agent who did nothing wrong but was attacked out of spite and not because she really did anything wrong.

This Agent brought it on herself. I agree with the poster that said no one in a customer service job should ever use profanity to a customers face. That is what supervisors are for.

And it's also wrong of her to not give her name. She SHOULD have had a name tag on as well as a PHOTO ID around her neck. Failure to do so is in violation of dress code.

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Excellent. I was hoping she'd be made aware of the situation. Disciplines can be expensive.

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She came to the site today, she logged in for a few minutes (I'm guessin' to read the post?) and next thing I knew she was offline.

To the OP: Just hope you don't need her help again. I'm assuming she read what you wrote on here, and that certainly didn't win you over with her.

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bring it on!!!

I do have the agent # and I guess I can call the BART hotline and get her name if I REALLY wanted it

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Sakanta's little flock of chickens....

Big Daddy (the rooster of the bunch)

Elaine (the runt of the litter)


sick of assholes (Elaine's twin that rushed to her defense, suspiciously registered through the same IP as Elaine)

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the reason i stated to hurry up, was last time this happened, I MISSED my train for the same reason.

I think if you work for the public, (i work as a clinical pharmacist), you better improve on your people skills...
people who are making ~70,000 a year, and giving BART riders grief, need a reality check.

I've dealt with nasty patients, BUT DOES NOT give me the right to use profanity, you agree?

That just indicates to me the caliber of employees BART hires, people with no manners or concerns, except themselves.

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Something tells me a clinical pharmacist takes less abuse on a daily basis than any customer-side line level BART employee. I'm sure you have some extremely difficult and even outright abusive patients, but transit workers see HUNDREDS of angry, late, drunk, tired, frustrated people every single day, and have to deal with the worst of the bunch.

However, I do agree that using profanity with a customer, no matter how angry you are, is not acceptable. That's what co-workers and break rooms are for, to swear about that ass-munch of a customer who told you to hurry up 10 times while you were trying to fill out the form, then snatched it out of your hand and called you an incompetent asshole for spelling their incomprehensible last name wrong.

If you cut your train SO CLOSE that you can't tolerate any delay, I think you need to consider taking an earlier train, or taking your lateness into your own hands by humping it in on the freeway every day. Then you can tell the tollbooth operator to hurry up and give you your change so you can sit at the metering light on the Bay Bridge for 20 minutes.

There is no "U" in BART

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I ALWAYS give myself a 5-minutes window, you have to understand, the booth agent TOOK FOREVER!!! I'm not JOKING!! I try not to irked and upset at them, but you can't HELP it when the agents don't work with you...

the agent AT LEAST COULD OF SAID: " i tried to help you along, I understand you are on a set-time." or " it would just take a minute.'

I'm sure in Disneyland, you wouldn't see Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck saying "fuck you for yanking my tail." Disney Inc EMPHASIZES customer service, but you see BART does not. All I am asking of these employees is a better sense of the customer needs.

Do you go to Gary Danko or French Laundry, or any 5-star restaurant and have the waiter, say to u, "FUCK YOU, your food will come out when the damn chef is finish with it."

These are just some comments, take if for whats it worth.

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some people are VERY bad judges of time. they think they are working fast, but they crawl along like they've never seen a computer before. i had a situation at work recently where my assistant needed help at her desk. then she proceeds to tell me to "wait just one second; just ooooonnnneeee second" about fifty times (literally) while she spends five minutes (once again, literally) finishing something else she is working on. i'm pretty patient, but finally someone at the next cubicle over had heard enough and told her to stop being a dillweed, to which she replies "what? it just took a second!"

You need an EZ-Rider card, unless it won't work for you because of Commuter Checks or something.

On the whole, BART employees are the laziest bunch I have ever seen.

The trouble is that little is expected of them, and they can not be fired. Management does not care. Management is more incompentent than the workers. You rise in a hierarchy until you reach your level of incompetence.

The most visible employees are the station agents. They are seldom in the booth, and as you pointed out, very rude. The seem to have been hired from prior homeless people, and seemingly should be very grateful to have a job, and a good one at that.

I agree you need to get your complaint as public as possible. Take it to the BART board of directors meeting. As long as the public does not complain, nothing will ever change.

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On the whole BART employees are the laziest, little is expected, can not be fired?

So if BART hired you (assuming you passed all the pre-employment hurdles) it would improve? Ok, come on down and save us.

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it quite sad that people in the world are doing jobs that their don't like, and its reflected in their interactions with customers.

I just hope BART's HR department works on improving customer service.

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You got it all wrong, they love the job, it's the constant abuse/lies/getting one over on the system/self entitled assholes attitudes that they hate.

I know one agent that I don't know how she keeps her job with her shitty attitude but, I also know an agent that will move heaven and earth to help you.

When I was an agent I used to tell my friends I had a minimum wage job working in an information booth but, I was paid the extra just to put up with the bullshit.

My coping mechanisim was I never took anything personal if I was insulted or abused I treated it as my uniform was their focus not me. It got to the point that I could have a 5150 yell at me before departing (by themself or by cop).

I would turn take a breath, literally forget the whole incident and help the next in line without skipping a beat.

That was a few years ago so I dunno about now.

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TO, you are absolutely correct. There are Station Agents who I absolutley love having the privilege to work with, like Riba, Colleen, Jackie, and Robert, and there are those that I hate to see when i come through the stations.

I gotta argue with your defense of them that the public has gotten to them. For some of the thinner-skinned Agents this may be true, but there is also a thinly-veiled arrogance and sense of entitlement from a few of the ruder agents. If it weren't for Fannie, they wouldn't be here, either that or they bullshitted on their packet and somehow have managed to bullshit their way along thus far.

They also feel like they are untouchable because ATU is behind them.

HOWEVER, voltron and PRNM, Agents have and will likely continue to be fired for being rude to patrons. It's not instant - there is a lot of documentation beforehand - but a patron complaint sets the process into motion. Actually, let me think about that one.

I recall reading somewhere that the only way an agent can get fired on-the-spot is if they do something "grossly unprofessional or illegal". I think cussing out a customer falls under "grossly unprofessional," don't you?

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I guess it was just one person.

there are some crappy agents at BART just like any workplace but the agent (i'm pretty sure i know who this agent is, yuck) made a very good point. if you ticket is demagged don't stand around waiting for a voucher just spring for that $1.50 ticket and get to your train. riders may not realize what it's like to be in a booth and have people rushing at you all day demanding (unintentionally) this and that. you don't feel that your request to speed things up is a big deal but it is when you hear it 50 times a day for years. i'm not defending any jackass agent just pointing out that you can take better control of your commute by bypassing the agent when you are in a hurry. you can have a demagged ticket stamped after work or on the weekend. now, if that $20 ticket is going to bust your budget and you just have to have the money right don't have an answer for that. writing out a voucher does not have a shortcut. it's faster to go buy a new ticket and deal with the other ticket later.

as far as getting her fired, not a chance. not for being rude or even using profanity. maybe a choke hold or pile driving a rider into the track. she might get a written, verbal or a DML (decision making leave) for a few days. you'd shit your kecks if you knew the things agents and TO's have gotten away with.

anyway, have fun.

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Ok, I'm convinced that SOME agents suck but, I reserve the right to flame anybody painting with a wide brush. Especially those that refer to Gov' employees all sit on their asses doing nothing/lazy/stupid etc etc.

stereotyping is just mean and annoying.

Not all, just a large percentage of BART employees work as little as possible. No one monitors how much work they do, and the union would back them up if they were repremanded.

The problem lies at the top and goes all the way to the bottom, and the top is the voting public.

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How scintillating.

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awwww c'mon!! Make us shit our kecks!!! We want gossip!

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well, that's life and I guess people in the world may take pride in their jobs, while others just consider it a job.
Perhaps, one day that booth agent would understand that acting the way she did was just wrong. (like my ebonics?)

I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE the amount of money these booth agents get!!! Its like legal robbery!

what do you do and how much do you make?

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McDonald's "Team Member"
Minimum Wage
Lacking: HS Diploma and social skills

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$135,000 A YEAR
-"helping the needy." job description

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I have needs..

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This comment from the station agent....“do I have someone that can meet me at the civic center and pay for my fare there?”

We are barely able to pay for bart anyway so who in the Fuck did she think was going to meet you at the gate to give you $0.14 cents? Dam!!!! Dam!!! Dam!!!! I hate ignorance... What is her middle name, "Carrie?" Did her head spin around 360 when she told you that? She is probably from another place like.. Bart Hell. A reject that was put there to test the patience of riders without money. Shoot! This makes me really angry.... Will I be forgiven for these precious words... NO!! And do I care... NO!!!

A MESSAGE TO THE AGENTS: We who look like we have money... sometimes we just don't have any money on us and are trying to get to the next destination to make the money to pay for the bart ticket, so can you give us a fucking break at times. We aren't all trying to get over on bar for a mere $4 ride. We ride it everyday!!!
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