Run through Ashby, Berkeley, and North Berkeley

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Some have suggested building a fence around Berkeley and let them secede from the union. Since 2001, we have seen these people get more arrogant and stupid with their protests. So let them secede, let them walk to SF and beyond..I'm not stopping to pick their asses up anymore.

Speaking of Berkeley; why is that the most dirty, filthy, and trash ridden station in the system? You would figure the most intelligent and enlightened city in the Bay Area knew where the trash receptacles were located.

ok, I'm done ;)

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They burned a flag today.

I'm done with Bezerkley as well. Let them rot in hell all by themselves, those un-patriotic uuuuugh :)

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Hey I'm in Berkeley!!

Well, they burned more than one flag during their gathering at City Hall.

It was reported yesterday that Berkeley PD was on an "all-hands" call out with mutual response from ACSO. I don't want to calculate the OT budget for such a circus.

Not sure what the Berkeley Silly Council decided last night, if anything, regardless, the entire situation is SHAMEFUL.

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i hate bizerkeley. every time i go there i see somoeone get arrested. last time it was a guy running down the sidewalk with a knife in hand being chased by two cops. the time before that, a kid running down the sidewalk being chased by a cop in her car. kid ducks town the alleyway and the cop stops her car in the middle of the street and chases him on foot. plus, theres always the hobos, naked people, and the lingering smell of pot in the air.

Not everyone in Berkeley is that bad, but the vast majority of them believe the world revolves around them. The whole situation with them is a load of bull. In a city that prides itself as a haven for free speech, what do they do? They motion to close down a Marine Recruitment center. The Marines have the same rights to free speech as the protesters do! They're all hypocrites!!! I could go on and on... I think there should be special trains just for people from Berkeley, with no seats or stanchions. HA!

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No, they should replace the seats with 3 foot metal poles...

Oh wait never mind they would probably like it too much

There is no "U" in BART

Not everyone in Berkeley is that bad, but the vast majority of them believe the world revolves around them. The whole situation with them is a load of bull. In a city that prides itself as a haven for free speech, what do they do? They motion to close down a Marine Recruitment center. The Marines have the same rights to free speech as the protesters do! They're all hypocrites!!! I could go on and on... I think there should be special trains just for people from Berkeley, with no seats or stanchions. HA!

Sorry I posted it twice!

I don't even use that station anymore. I live on campus (south side), and I use Rockridge instead. Cheaper fares to just about anywhere, cleaner, less crowded, and always a 9 or 10 car one seat ride to SF.

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They pretty much said the same thing. They don't want the Marines or any military recruiter in the city limits, AND they commended Berzerkeley citizens for their 'non-violent' protests of the Marines. Check out and you can see some of the protests signs and the arrogance of these people. What I like is some protesters cover their faces with masks..why would you do that if your protesting?

Two of the protest groups; world can't wait and ANSWER are radical fanatics who have strong ties to communist/socialist separatist groups, funded by rich socialist and criminal activity. They made the trouble and antagonized most of the demonstrators.

I'm still not stopping. Programs stop failures with ALL doors out...


socialist? and what is BART? a government operated public utility. that's the core of socialism--the citizens VOTE to tax themselves to provide a service for all. So if as you imply you are an employee, every time you cash your paycheck you are participating in socialism.

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and which government, pray tell, operates BART?

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why the BAY Area Rapid Transit District created by the legislature and ratified by referendum of the citizens/voters of the three founding counties.
"...Thus was born the environmental concept underlying BART. Acting on the Commission's recommendations, in 1957, the Legislature formed the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District, comprising the five counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco and San Mateo. At this time, the District was granted a taxing power of five cents per $100 of assessed valuation. It also had authority to levy property taxes to support a general obligation bond issue, if approved by District voters. The State Legislature lowered the requirement for voter approval from 66 percent to 60 percent."
more here

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I understand the BART district "government" but this isn't necessarily a "socialist" model... now if you were referring to the state or federal gov't... the BART district is nothing more than an elected board. their powers start and end with anything BART-related. if you want to call that socialist you can go ahead and call most big, american businesses the same as they too are run by boards.

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BART has taxing authority. private sector stock companies do not. The power to tax is generally only reserved for organs of a government. Socialism is government provision of/ownership of services/enterprises generally run by the private sector in theoretically free markets. Try visiting here for more.

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Again, I would hardly consider the BART board a good example of socialism.

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Isn't "rich socialist" a bit of an oxymoron ? ;)


Salute to the boys and gals in the service

easy issues first--Berkeley is one of the top 6 stations in ridership. more people equals more trash. one might enquire if management schedules more cleaning effort at high use/crud stations.

"...or the right of the people peaceably to assemble ... to petition...for a redress of grievances."

Peaceably, I DO NOT defend any of the violence which occurred. That said, the history of local governments disputing the policies of the Federal Government is long and tortured. Sometimes it is a Governor standing in a schoolhouse door, sometimes it is local law enforcement refusing to defend local citizens from criminal assualt. Sometimes obstructing Federal law enforcement of laws, or policies not supported by the local citizenry.

In the instant case, the USMC is busy trying to recruit young people to be involved in a hopeless and in my view unConstitutional war. While I have respect for the Corps per se, I am dismayed they took the trouble to stir the pot by locating in an unlikely market--(You would not make points as a sales manager trying to open a pork store in either an Orthodox Jewish or Muslim 'hood)--few would have noticed or cared in a high unemployment 'hood along E14th .

In my view, Berkeley would have been far smarter to open an office next door for WRL, CCCO and others.

As to those of you who object to the opinions of many Berkeley citizens, spend your money where you like, but remember their right to mouth off is as sacred as yours.

You mean E14th in San Leandro because a recruiting office in Oakland on International would not be warmly received either.

The language of the Berkeley resolution telling the Marines they were unwanted was inflammatory. I don't support the war in Iraq and I think the pink ladies or whoever they are, should climb back on their spaceship and return to the planet Twylo. That said, they have a right to say whatever they want to and the counter protesters have the same right. A lot of people in my family fought in many wars over many years for the right of Americans to have freedom of expression. If you're that pissed off, I assume you don't buy products made in China, right?

I don't get how people get their panties all in a bunch over this but when that wack job minister from Kansas protests at the funeral of dead soldiers declaring their death was god's will against a godless country, no one has anything to say. Berkeley is an easy target. Right wing loonies seem to get a free ride. I don't get it.

Berkeley does have a bunch of loons.. But that's why we like Berkeley, to laugh at them..

The Feds should pull funds from the city.. Seriouly, protest the war, not the military.

But Berk attracts the loons from across the nation because they know that even the bizarre will and crazy will be tolerated.. It actually used to be worse in years past.

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I could give a rat's hairy behind about Code Pink, it's the City Council that decided to use its legislative club against the Marines. By giving Code Pinko Hags the parking space in front of the Marine station, they chose to curb the Marines right to be there and the adults rights to associate with them. So lets keep score:

Berkeley City Council

Freedom of Speech?
Code Pinko-yes

Freedom to assemble without gov'ment recourse?

Code Pinko-yes

Freedom to associate?

Code Pinko and friends=Yes
Marines and friends-No

So screw your little tirade about the right wing loonies my Dear, you side with many more of the "looneys"...and worse.

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Communists/Socialists?? Are you some relic from the McCarthy era? While Berkeley may have gone to far in attempting to oust Marine recruiters in their city, they are well with in their rights and responsibilities to protest the practice. These recruiters prey upon young men with high levels of testosterone, and often on the lower income scale. They fill them full of patriotic fantasies and false hopes of saving the world in this un-winnable and ill advised war.

Thank God we had mass protests during the Viet Nam era or we might have killed more than the 50,000 young men and women who lost their lives during that purposeless war. We are now about to top 4,000 in this one.

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You obviously don't know wtf you're talking about. Go back to the sixties. When City governments and colleges suppress the free speech of the opposition they're supposed to believe in, we need more like me to keep them (and your) dumb-ass in check.

btw it was idiot dip-shits like you who Ho Chi Min and gang counted on to help kill those 50 thousand plus kids over in Viet Nam....feel proud?


Sounds good. Is that gonna’ be a “sign-for?”