BART security are swell guys

You know, I see a lot of ragging on the BART security officers but they really have a tough job. If you don't think so try out the ride-along program and you can see first hand what they have to put up with. They are well trained and have a great K-9 team. I had an opportunity a couple of years ago to witness them in action. One night one of their dogs chased down a creap who had beaten and sexually assaulted an elderly woman and bit the crap out of him. If it was'nt for the BART officer's skill in handlling the dog the guy might have gotten away. As it turned out this same creap was a serial rapist that had assaulted several elderly women in the San Leandro area.

They are Police Officers, not security

Yeah! When is the general public going to understand that BART Cops are REAL COPS, sworn Police Officers who can arrest someone anywhere in the state of California 24hrs/day??? Don't people realize that murders, rapes, drug deals, domestic violence, child abuse, armed robbery, auto theft, or some other sort of felonies and/or misdemeanor occur somewhere on BART or BART property on a daily basis? Not to run down BART, but with 320,000+ riders every weekday at least one of those riders is bound to be a bad guy. Bank robbers love BART. Rob a bank in downtown SF, jump on BART and try to blend in with the rest of the riders. Drug dealers use BART to travel back and forth to ply their trade. BART Police know this and know what to watch for. They are not "rent-a-cops". SWORN POLICE OFFICERS folks, SWORN POLICE OFFICERS.

Gee whiz you two! The "poster" commends BART cops, but OOOOPS calls them BART security and you two are all over him/her. Cut the "poster" some slack. Thank him/her for the acknowledgement and try to find a gentler way to correct someone who is trying to praise you (making the assumtion here that you two are either BART cops or related somehow to BART cops)

OUCH! Point taken. Apologies to the poster. BARTAVENGER is right. You complimented the BART Police and I found fault in a minor detail. Thank you for recognizing that BART cops play an important part in keeping BART as safe as possible in today's world.

yeah, and BART's officers are in their cars not on the train with the robbers of course.

Hey ding dong ever heard of plain clothes officers?

Oh, that's too funny. You must realize that people who don't even know that BART cops are sworn peace officer aren't going to think about them being plain clothes officers. These are the same people who think ALL police officers sit around in coffee shops eating donuts and sipping coffee....unless of course they are brutalizing the Rodney Kings of the world. Talk about stereo-typing and profiling! What I get from these BART riders/haters is that no BART cop ever makes an arrest, all Station Agents are rude, all Train Operators can be replaced by monkeys, none of the janitors ever cleans a restroom and that there is some kind of conspiracy to let the trains deteriorate until they can no longer be used. Do all these people ride in the same care and smoke the same dope?...that stinky skunk weed sh-- that stinks up the train cars?

Not only are there uniform and plainclothes officers on train cars, but the cars are swept throughtout the day (at which point a patron who needs an officer can speak up), and Community Service Officers are also on the trains. A patron can also put in an intercom call to the Train Operator so a Police Officer can be dispatched to the next station to meet the train and assist the patron in need.

Ever hear of plain clothes officers, Nimrod!

you mean the skill of the DOG that is.

Did you miss the "poster's" comments about the Officer's skill in handling the dog???? Guess so. You must be the same one who only listens to half of what a Station Agents tells you about your non-working ticket and only half the announcement the Train Operator or Central Supervisor makes...and then you get P.O.'d when YOU screw up. But then, you'll probably only read half of this post too.


Bart is dirty, unreliable and populated by disfunctional management and employees. Compared to this main theme, everything else is just noise.

Please try to stay on point people.

That may be YOUR point, but the opinion and point of others is not restricted to YOUR point or agenda. You must be a Demon-crat....i.e. right of freedom of speech exists only for you and those who agree with you and your view point.

1. BART IS dirty, but not because of dysfunctional(you didn't have to take the California High School exit exam did you?-SPELL CHECK!) management and employess. It's because of the "entitlement element" that thrive in the San Francisco Bay Area. Those who have NEVER worked for a living, NEVER WILL work for a living and will continue to reproduce generation after generation who will NEVER WORK for a living. They have no respect for the property of others, they smoke, eat, drink,urinate and sleep on the trains but they don't pay to ride the trains. They suck the life blood out of those who do work for a living. <~~~Now THAT is a topic for another discussion board!

2. It is a shame that, in addition to the computer malfunctions, the above mentioned "entitlement element" create situations that demand BART Police Action on the trains or in the stations which requires holding of the trains to maintain a crime scene and/or witnesses. It's a shame that on ocassion someone who sees no other way out of his/her misery takes his/her life by jumping in front of the train thereby causing an undeterminable delay. And it's a shame that someone flew planes into buildings created a whole new world where BART passengers WILLINGLY report suspicious packages, people and overheard conversations that create delays while BART Police investigate. Yes, BART is unreliable....THANK GOD! But to blame it on the employees and management 100%? If you hate BART so much, ride your bike, take the bus, take a cab, WALK, drive your car, take any mode of transportation your heart desires but STAY OFF OF BART. That's how you will FORCE the change you are trying to FORCE by doing nothing but whining and complaining here. You have no viable solution. You just want to pitch a fit and be the center of attention. To make a real change, hit BART in the pocket. When the only people riding the trains are the ones who don't pay, but cost BART the most money, REAL changes will take place. And I don't want to hear: "I don't have another choice". There's ALWAYS another choice. You just don't have the guts to make it. It's easier to whine about how rough you have it than to make the tough decisions. Bet you never served your country in the military either, otherwise you'd know how to adapt and overcome.

You are just dyssing my spelling because you can't handle the truth

I can handle the truth just fine. What YOU can't handle is the fact the world does not revolve around YOU; that not everyone who comments on this site agrees with you, so you pout. GROW UP. Stop riding BART if you hate it so much. PUT UP OR SHUT UP! Find another means of transportation or find a viable way to change BART. Your whining and complaining is the behavior of a five year old. "That's not faiiirrrr". "He gets paid more money that I do and does less work". "He got a bigger piece of cake than I did". Your reaction to criticism of your inability to spell is more chilklike behavior. By the way, mature people do not use the word "dyssing". That's teenage slang. Stop showing your ignorance here for the world to see. Go back to school. Get a better you actually LIKE, that pays you a decent wage so you don't have to be jealous of those who work at BART. The entire Bay Area knows BART is not perfect. It's the transit system we love to hate. Where's your sense of humor? When you put out negative energy, you get back negative energy...TEN FOLD.

Undoubtedly your place of employment has it's share of dsyfunctional managers and employess. They just arent' exposed to the public eye as BART's are. Do you complain at work too? You must be a barrel of laughs to be around. Maybe it's time to find employement closer to home so you don't have to ride BART. Remember, BART is run by a Board of Directors who are elected by the General Public - that would be YOU. When have you known a politician to do anything logical? You don't think these directors run for this office because they believe they can make a difference do you? P O W E R. The ability to stand proudly at the corner of 16th/Mission in SF and say: "I spent bocough millions on that project so those hookers and drug dealers could trash it up in only 6 weeks time and now I'm going to spend twice as much money and do the other corner". That has NOTHING to do with management or employees!