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My direct deposit was paid 1/2 my pay today and rent is due Monday. Oh the joy of chasing down my own money on a Saturday. I'm sure this will make for an interesting memory and I may even laugh about it someday... But not today >:(

It's a leap year, the computer should have only paid you for 1/4 of the time. Just kidding. This BAP thing sounds like an electronic payroll system with card swipes, computer entries and a host of different players dealing with your pay other than dedicated payroll clerks. Hospitals use this type of system as well as other private and public entities. The system requires you the employee to check the payroll status several times a week - since entries are based upon your schedule and swipes. BART I'm sure has people working on weekends and nights to address payroll issues. Unfortunately, they're probably not going to be able to shoot a direct deposit into your account on Monday.

Payroll computers were probably joining forces this week to create havoc. My company issued checks with the proper amount, but the itemized deductions were missing from the payroll record section.

Good luck.

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The bap system was designed by a bunch of dumbasses implemented by fools who didn't understand how our job has so many varibles from day to day that the shit is doing exactly opposite what it was intended to do. A T/O I was talking to the other day said she was still waiting to get paid for overtime she worked LAST MARCH!

The only thing this system is doing efficiently is cheating us and pissing us off.

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last march? aren't TOs in a union? can't the union send someone down to bart's offices and break some legs??? isn't that why you pay union dues???

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Train Operators, feel free to correct me here, but this is my understanding boopie:

They can file grievances or whatnot with the union, but if BART is saying it's a clerical error or a BAP problem, and that they are in the process of making the error right, that's about the end of it. There are no repercussions that I know of for managers and supervisors when BAP screws up and causes a loss of pay for the front-end employees. Bullshit, I know.

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If the contract calls for pay corrections to be made within a certain time, it is a breach of contract, regardless of whether someone is "trying". I.E., if it's going to be longer than the contract period they could simply cut a manual check and do the paperwork on their end later. Plus, I think it could be argued there is "reckless disregard" for employees since everything about the system is rigged to be in the District's favor, i.e. when there is a question about someone's hours that person is not paid instead of being paid with an adjustment made later. Same thing with timekeeping.

I know several people who were converted to hourly yet are told they are not allowed to get paid overtime and have to just stay on their own time to get their jobs done. Personally, I've been asked to do work when I am off the clock, as have others I know. We're not allowed to time our schedules to the trains, so it means people have to come in 15 minutes early or risk being docked. When asked to do work during this unpaid time, telling the boss "I'm not on the clock yet" gets met with a "well, you're here, aren't you" response. Technically, this is blatantly illegal under California law. The issue becomes proving it. Of course, if anyone is one minute late, or leaves 1 minute early (or the TCD's dont work), the District thinks nothing of docking you 1/100 of an hour.

This is so unfair that I know several of us who plan to vote "no" on whatever contract the District offers next time, regardless.

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Yeah, well you gotta be a member of the inner "clique" of the Union to get shit done. There is only one Steward I can think of that's worth anything and not friend biased....he is in Bay Point. Our other representation from the Union VP to the T/O Rep is corrupt and biased from the Yearly bids to the holiday bids, friends get the good stuff, the rest..shit. Reps are supposed to be for all of us..not just some.

For BAP...suck it up, it's not going to change. Get better Representation and shit will get done.

Foreworkers. I love them, but they are messing up your pay. Having said that, they never intended to be Payroll clerks, so it's not intentional. They're busy making the system run.

When the City of Oakland had payroll problems a few years ago, the Police Officers Association sued the City for back pay issues. I think the Fire Fighters sued also. It will certainly get their attention.