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Well once again (bet your tired of hearing that!) My paycheck was wrong again! Got to admit that the last two where ok (well almost) I gave up approx 22 mins of pay because I'm tired of writing out the paper work. Soooooooo now Im short 9hrs at time and a half. Oh I did check online first! (not my job by the way) Also I had a forworker check it and sign a note to that effect. Thanks BART for making BAP work. I think you should trash the bap and save yourself and the public a pile of money. Hey maybe you can give yourselfs a raise also. Ohhh wait you already did that huh. Now dont get me wrong, BART is a great place to work, but I think that they should put people in charge with the vision of the future in mind.

Why are you missing the time? Did someone not input an early start? Extension? Penalty pay? Missed break/lunch? Or plain old OT? :)

Are you on the XB? It's pretty easy to screw that up.

... I gave up approx 22 mins of pay because I'm tired of writing out the paper work. ...

That's exactly the idea. They will nickel and dime you to death. I've been docked 50 cents. Yet, they make you jump through hoops to get paid for the extra 5-10 minutes you put here and there. One thing I would suggest is to keep a log. That's what I do. If I'm in a few minutes early and the boss asks me to do something, or if I have to attend a meeting through a break, or I get corralled and asked work questions after I've clocked out, I know they're not going to pay me for it (though they're quick to dock)--but I keep a good log of what specifically happened and when. It seems the Unions can't/won't do anything at this point, but, over time and with enough evidence, we *can* go to the State Labor Board. There are very specific laws about making hourly employees work off the clock.

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just search BAP for answers