Craziest incident on BART ever

This is directed to both frequent riders and employees: what's the craziest thing you ever see happen or ever heard about happening on BART? The craziest thing I ever heard about was a fight between three drunk guys (two beating on one), and the fight continuing even when an operator tried to break it up. But I'm sure people who ride BART more frequently or who work for it have heard of or seen better stories.

Just on the train? Or in a BART station? X-rated or PG-rated? What a can of worms you just opened.

Just on the train. But I'm looking for all ratings. :)

That's the best you've heard? On the BART crazy happenings scale, that's about a 5.

BART is a great place to gather material for a book or TV series. Operator9 is right. The fight was more or less a daily occurence on BART. There ought to be some very interesting stories showing up on the forum.

AT Lake Merritt I do remembe waiting for the BART when the doors flew open on the train that just arrived and this guy kicked his girlfriend out just as it left.

A few of us gathered around to see if she was alright, she landed on her chest. She go up and said, "My boyfriend can be so jealous, anyone got a dollar I can borrow?" Then she just took off.

Everyone was all like, "OKAAAYYY".

Not Earth shattering, but when you are zoned out waiting for your train and this girl comes flying out head first, it wakes you up pretty quick.

one time at night, somewhere around the civic center, i was sitting next to this chick in a trench coat, who was about forty or so, and she was moaning a bit. i looked over at her and saw that she had one of her hands in her coat and something was moving by her legs. i thought that she couldn't be doing what i thought she was doing, but she starts moaning a little louder, her body starts shaking, and then she takes her hand out of her coat and grins. i mean, i wouldn't be too surprised if a guy was doing something like that in public, but i never thought a chick would. only on bart.

Naked guy at Civic Center Station: I'm a station agent. A few years ago I was opening Civic Center Station on a Sunday morning. As I approached the roll up gate at the UN Plaza exit, I noticed a man crouched down in the corner. When he saw me, he started to stand up. That's when I noticed he was stark naked. I told him to sit down and stay put. I didn't open the gate. I called BART police and told them there was a naked guy and where he was. They came right away, I continued to open the rest of the entries to the station. When I went back to UN Plaza entry, the gates were open and BART police had the guy upstairs, wrapped in a "space blanket" that we keep in the stations for emergencies. I never found out how he ended up stark naked, no clothes to be seen laying around, no money, no ID......but who needs coffee when the surprise of a stark naked man will wake you right up.

The used condom: BART supervisor working the commute at Embarcadero gets a call from Central to go down to the platform and board the train. Central gives a specific car number. Reason? Someone has tied a used, full condom onto the overhead grab bars. The Supervisor is to stand under it to keep passengers away for their protection. You couldn't pay me enough money to do that! How gross.

I once saw a homeless guy who was wearing pants that were ripped on the backside. Nearly his entire, dirty, rear-end was hanging out for everyone to see. And he kept getting up (allowing the riders a full view) and sitting in different seats.

Another time, I was returning home, and a group of kids (returning from school) piled onto the train in Oakland. Shortly thereafter, two of the kids, and boy and a girl, began arguing. This quickly turned phsyical, and the two were throwing punches, and tussling on the floor of the train. I was sitting right in front of where the two kids began to fight violently. Other kids on the trains reacted to this fight by jumping around, and screaming and yelling. One kid began pushing on the door to the train, as we were riding on one of the outside aerial structures. Thank God that kid didn't force the door open. By the time we reached the next station, many passengers had fled to other cars (and some of us were stuck where we were (with our feet on the seats to avoid getting hurt), unable to go anywhere without stepping into the middle of the fight. The kids also got off at the next station, but it was a scary incident nonetheless.

And another time, I exited the station at Bayfair. As I walked down the stairs on the south end of the station, I noticed a man standing along the wall on the backside of the escalator, right next to the garbage can (in full view of everyone walking down the stairs). He was urinating, in plain sight, on the side of the trash can. Even though the bathrooms were only a few feet away. Disgusting!

Back in 1992 I was on a train heading for Fremont and I was sitting at the very last car. There were only about 6 other passengers since this was around 2pm at the time. There was a young couple who were seated at the very end seats. They were making out and I thought gee can't you wait till you get off the train?

A little bit later, I realized they were still going at it and omg, I noticed in the reflection they were both playing with each other. I wondered if they realized that the windows does show a good enough reflection of them. Maybe they didn't care but the whole time they were doing this lewd act. I finally reached my destination and got off only to notice they were still going at it. Wow was all I could think of back then.

i see alot of lap sex on BART. very comfortable when you're with a co-worker or your boss. YUCK.