GOOD NEWS! BART is currently installing new floor covering in 80 train cars. It's a composite floor covering that won't absorb moisture, dirt or mold so the train cars should smell better. The new floor coverings are more durable than carpet and are expected to last 20yrs as opposed to the 5yrs for carpeting. Riders on the Bay Point line are the first to see this upgrade. BART estimates it will take one year to finish all 80 train cars.

Now if we can just get BART to replace the disgusting seats.....

It's about time! I can hardly wait to see if it's really an improvement or more of BART's half-assed attempts at quieting the complaints.

Very nice to hear that there is a plan to replace those nasty carpets. Now I won't be so afraid to leave my bag on the floor. I hope the smell will be cut down alot. Thanks.

This is encouraging. Sure hope they have plans to do something about the seats. I'm willing to sit on harder seats that won't hold the smell, bacteria and germs that the homeless leave behind them. I have a friend who got head lice from laying her head back on a BART seat. Who knows what else lurks in those fabric covered cushions? YUCK!

Now the pee on the floor will not have carpet to soak into, it will just sit there waiting to be absorbed by your bag and get all over your shoes.

I don't get you people. You complain about the trains’ stinky health hazards and "something should be done". Then, when BART DOES something , you complain about that too.

So, it all comes back to the PEOPLE who ride the trains: the filthy pigs who have no consideration for others; the disgusting habits of those who don't bathe; the drunks who vomit all over themselves and the train; those who eat sunflower seeds and spit the shells all over the seats and floors; the commuters who bring their coffee and fast food breakfast on board with them and then leave their trash behind when they depart; those who put their dirty shoes/boots up on the seats - in other words, the general public.

I know the BART haters on this site think all the problems of BART would be solved if the “overpaid lazy employees” would just do their jobs, but I disagree with that. Yes, in some cases it IS a matter of poor performance by employees but even the most conscientious employee cannot keep up with people who have no respect for private OR public property.

When the new floor covering is finally installed in all the cars, do you really think people will stop being pigs? Come on folks, you ride the trains at least five days a week. You see what goes on. Maybe a little peer pressure in the form of public humiliation will help keep the trains cleaner. If you’re not willing to speak up, at least stop eating and drinking on the trains. If you can’t do that, PLEASE take your trash with you when you leave the train.

'Nuff said.

Thanks Avenger.

"do you really think people will stop being pigs?"

No, but it would be nice to see the cops enforce the no food rules.

Great now when someone urinates on the trane it will spread all over the place

pee on the floor? and how old are you?


stupid too

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Spray paint the skin of an orange a darker blue with a slight greyish tone in flat instead of glossy and you get the idea. It's a non skid textured (slightly bumpy) safety thing.

As far as replacing the seats I was told by the managers at the floor sample meeting in my train; "It was the passenger surveys that put a high priorty on comfortable cloth seating" The reason BART hasn't changed them to easy care plastic is the public opinion says not to.

I told them for safety/security reasons they should be changed because of needles ETC. I figure it's only a matter of time.

The same dipshit that decided to placate the suburbanites when designing the system. BART was never designed for dense urban transit. That's why you didn't see grab handles up until recently. That's why you see more seats and fewer doors (longer dwell times at the station).

Look at the comments on the SF Gate article(s) about the new proposed train designs. Lots of commenters bellyaching about the lack of seats on the new designs. As long as you're encouraging people to commute from all the way out in the middle of nowhere (Walnut Creek) you're going to have people that don't want to stand for an hour on the train... and people that are going to want the fabric seats so that they don't stick to the hard plastic on a hot summer day.

It's a schizophrenic design, unfortunately. One of the suggestions I've seen on SF Gate was to have the cab cars have lots of seats and the middle cars have lots of space.