What AC traction drive motors should the Next Generation BART Cars use?

Existing ADTranz/Bombardier 1507C motors on the 439 rehabbed Rohr BART cars
50% (3 votes)
ADTranz/Bombardier 1508/1508C (Used on MARTA CQ312 cars & NYC Transit's R142A & R143 cars)
17% (1 vote)
Bombardier MiTrac (Used on the WMATA 5000 series CAF cars)
0% (0 votes)
Alstom Onix (Used on WMATA 6K series and rehabbed 2K/3K series cars & NYC Transit's R142 cars, R160A cars, and some R160B cars)
17% (1 vote)
Siemens AC Traction Motors (Used on some of NYC Transit's R160B cars)
17% (1 vote)
Total votes: 6


they should use the existing AC motors mainly for inventory simplicity, all the same motor makes things much easier.

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I think flanders would agree, Kinky-sharu cars with siemens motors is my vote.

I'm glad this poll was finally created, now BART can take the opinions of the bartrage.com users into account when selecting their new engines.


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I think I agree with bartrider... I don't know if we're techie enough here for all these big words.

Where's the "no opinion" selection... I have no clue as to which of these is better then another one, and nor should I....

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That's just it. Sometimes no response can be considered as "No Opinion".

BART doesn't necessarily get to dictate the traction motor used on a new car purchase. They can approve or disapprove of what is offered within certain limits.

The carbuilder may use a propulsion system supplier other than Bombardier, Alstom or Siemens, in which case BART gets whatever motor they choose to provide, pending BART approval.

The motors listed as being used at WMATA are larger than the 1507C. This is because the WMATA cars are heavier than the existing BART cars.

If the weight and performance specs. of a new BART car are equal to the current fleet, a larger motor would not be required.

You have a point there.

The Alstom Onix motors make a tri-tone violin sound as they are powering up.

What if the next generation BART cars used the General Electric (GE) traction motors?

Those motors are also used on Los Angeles County MTA's Breda A650 Red/Purple line cars, the SF MUNI Breda LRVs, the WMATA Gen 1 (1000 series) cars built by Rohr Industries (which also built BART's Gen 1 cars) that were rehabbed by Breda, and the MBTA (The "T") #3 Red Line Bombardier 1800-series cars

All those cars mentioned use GTO inverters on the motors.

If that were the case, they would probably use IGBT inverters.

Well, Bombardier's MiTrac propulsion systems won out on BART's fleet of the future.
I'm going to miss the sounds of those ADTranz 1507C motors.