That's no banana!

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So tonight (Monday) I got on a Milbrea train at Civic Center around 6:30 P.M. and headed for an open seat at the front of the car. I thought to myself "The BART gods are watching over me! I have a seat!" As I went to sit down, I noticed a rotten banana on the floor below. Then the smell hit me...... That is no banana, it's $#!T. Ewwwwwww! O.K. I am used to the smell of urine but poo on the train? Yuk! I wish I could have seen who did it. I would rub their face in it! Obviously no one had reported it because it looked like it had been drying there for a while.

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Good thing you didn't slip on it.

I would have helped you with rubbing their face in it.

I assumed you reported it.

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I did. The T.O. said someone else had reported it to him. I've got to remember to take photos. This one would have made the Unhealthy Hall of Fame.

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The most human poo I've ever seen in one spot was on the stairs in a blue line train staion in Philadelphia. The stairs led to some sort of service gate or closed off area (a lot of the underground areas have been abandoned) and I had the bright idea to go up and take a look. I got to the first step and when the smell hit me I looked down...that was shocking. I can't believe it got that bad without being cleaned. Then again, who would want to go over there anyway...

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Banana impersonations of Turds? I think that a turd that big would have stunk up the car so bad that it would be intolerable. Was it crusty? Maybe it was a banana disguised as a turd.

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Chrystal... You are freak'n killn' me! But since you asked, it was quite black and crusty. He he!

That's nothing - once I went to buy a BART ticket in the city and there was sh*t smeared all over the card swipe. At first I thought someone had smeared food over it, but then I caught a whiff... but technically it was food at one time, so my first thought was not completely wrong.

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i remember the day that someone puked in car 1844 coming back from an A's game...

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-Throws Up-

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Worst excrement story ever: Someone left their "calling card" on an escalator in a downtown SF station. Spread it all over the place. An escalator of filth.