I got my letter!

Just want to say Thanks to those who gave me advice for my T/O interivew! I received my letter yesterday informing me I passed the interview and have been moved into the next phase for T/O classes! Hopefully I get the call sooner than later. Thanks guys for all of your help!!!!!

Congrats. I just recieved a letter to take the test. So you should be called in soon (hopefully).

Hopefully! I definitely am excited about this!!!! Good luck on the test (It's really easy)!

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That's great JoeB!!!

- Chrystal Flanders

Thanks CF!! :)

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Congrads dude

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Just curious, what background are you coming from? Customer service? Mechanical? Ex-Armed forces?

I come from a customer service background, but I used to do all of my school reports on BART when I was in high school! hehe!

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Alright JoeB! I'm still persuing to get in too. I'll see you on the rails doc.

Thanks! Keep trying on getting into BART! Good Luck!

Good Luck

Thank you!!!

'grats, dude!

Thanks mucho!!! :)