Concord bart station parking weekday mornings? Lot full at 6:30 a.m./

I'm starting a new job in SF and will be driving to the concord station to catch bart into the city. Does anyone know if there are parking problems at 6:30 a.m. In the past I've seen lots with other bart stations fill up really early and just wonder if that was the case @ the concord bart station as well. thanks.


Only a guess, but I think Concord is okay at 6:30 AM. At worst, head up to North Concord, which always has spaces.

I take the 6:42 out of Concord and park less than 50 yards from the ticket gates. There are lots of spots at that hour. Concord never runs out of parking. If you are late and the front lots are full, there is a huge lot next to the police station.