Should Breda build + assemble the next gen BART cars at the same local SF Pier 80 Facility that built the SF MUNI LRVs?

9% (2 votes)
17% (4 votes)
Don't Know/Don't Care
65% (15 votes)
Leave it to another builder
9% (2 votes)
Total votes: 23


given Breda's "sterling" achievements for Muni, Cleveland, Boston, LA, they should not build ANYTHING for BART

Don't forget Washington, D.C.

Their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gen cars were built by Breda.

A friend of mine worked for GE at the pier 80 Breda facility. GE did the propulsion and auxiliary power supply on the Muni LRV.

He said Breda threw good parties.

As far as the satisfaction a customer gets from a carbuilder, a lot of it has to do with the technical specs., the other contract requirements like warranties and inspections, etc. and whose side the consultants are on.

I dealt with Breda on the Washington cars when I worked for Westinghouse early in my career. WMATA had a good consultant in L.T. Klauder. Some of the Klauder people were retired Pennsylvania RR guys who knew their stuff. They were tough but fair and the specs were reasonably thorough. If those Breda cars turned out reasonably well, it was probably their doing.

As far as other Breda cars, I only know what I read or have seen or been told. The Muni cars don't seem to be in the news and the few times I've ridden them, they seemed to be OK. I was in Cleveland a few years back on BART business and stopped in to see how their in house rehab was going on the 20+ year old Breda cars. They said the cars leaked in the rain which had caused a lot of corrosion. Boston was apparently a nightmare with a center truck that spent more time on the ground than on the rails. I visited the LA Red Line shop back in the early 90's when the cars were new and didn't hear anything really bad from one of the maintenance managers I knew from the BART C1 car project who had gone to work in LA.

Industry joke:

The thing you have to keep in mind is that there are three phases in the life of a transit vehicle: The first phase is it's unreliable because it's new. The third phase is it's unreliable because it's old. The second phase is the 24 hours between the first phase and the third phase.

Personally, I think BART's best bet would be a Japanese carbuilder next time.


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a japanese carbuilder, you say? things are getting kinki in here...

I wonder if those GE motors and the auxiliary power systems have the GE logo on them?

If you're referring to the circular GE logo that goes back about 100 years, the GE boys call that "the meatball" and I have to agree, it sort of looks like one.

There is a GE APSE on the BART C2 cars. There are tags on components that say something to the effect of "General Electric Transportation Systems" and maybe a small meatball. Maybe Lucifer can take a look for us?

I have seen the meatball on GE diesel locomotives at the bottom edge of the cab.

That logo is also on the appliances that GE also builds.

I found that AnsaldoBreda got bought by Hitachi Rail Systems last year and is now Hitachi Rail Italy.