On my walk down the steps from the platform, on the roof of the restrooms at the San Leandro Station i noticed a large multiple entry cage with pigeons. Over the next couple of days i have noticed these pigeons decrease in number and the pigeon carcass pile up inside the cage. I am not sure how the pigeons are being exterminated but there is also a large blue barrel with sprayer sitting next to this cage (i assume some sort of poison). I have emailed the BART website but to no surprise have not received a response. Can you suggest whom i should contact to get the word out about this inhumane way of dealing with pigeons in a transit station. This whole situation seems barbaric and i am uncomfortable watching the pigeons (although to some a nuisance) number increase and decrease all in a single metal cage.

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augh-- rats with wings..

invasive non native pest.. they are dirty critters..

Sorry to disagree with your post.. But how would you exterminate them humanely? Most people have no answer.

I am actually happy to hear BART is doing something more than spending loads of money on ugly netting or noisemakers that do nothing about the population...

Anyone Please E-mail BART with inexpensive humane ways to exterminate (not relocate) the pests.

ALL pigeons must go.
They are a health hazard, as well as a saftey issue.

I've actually seen one shit on a blind guy!
Funny shit...really.

You gotta get rid of them.
Kill them with hammers, I really don't give a shit.

And don't give me...
Pigeons are actually a dove

What's next?
Bologna really does have a first name?

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i agree with this method of killing. sometimes the only way to send a message is to show them what happens when they don't listen. if you kill them humanely, what good does that do? if you relocate their "friends" in the middle of the night, they don't see that as a threat. however, seeing a pile of rotting friends cluttering up your favorite shitting space - now THAT sends a message.

when i was in high school, my friends parents had such a pigeon problem that it clogged their gutters and caused $20,000 in water damage to their house. when my parents saw the first few pigeons on their roof, what did they do? they bought me a BB gun. I shot into the crowd of pigeons, nailed one right in the chest. i had to shoot it about 5 more times to sort of kill it, but it laid up there twitching for a few hours before finally dying. then we left it up there to rot. needless to say, his friends never came back. and that was over 15 years ago.

lol, anyone see the dangling pigeon carcass picture on the bottom of the bay area section of the chronicle today?

OoooWeee...suitable for framing.

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This Thread is Worthless Without Pics!

Let's see them cages!