Skinny annoying dude that thinks he works for BART

There this annoying as hell skinny 5'5 dude thats always riding the fremont train from MacArthur around 4:30 hes always wearing some quicksilver shorts with sum weird design on them,faded old ass bart hat,baseball batting gloves and a white bart shirt. Poor guy he actually thinks he works for bart as a train op. and is always annoying and bugging people on the trains. he always sits in the number 1 car. Hopefully hes on this forum so he gets the picture and gets a life! Leave bart riders alone! Has anyone else seen him? HAHAHAHAHA

He was on the lead car of the Fremont train around that time yesterday afternoon. A number of people heading to the Raider's game got on the train at was standing room only. He informed them that they would need to move the center of the car when people boarded at the downtown stations. They were visibly annoyed. He then went outside to chat with the T/O while we were waiting for the SFO train to clear tracks ahead.

yea!!! i was there!!! they all started laughing at his ass hahahah!!! then he just went to tha front of train and bugged sum lady the whole way till he got off at coliseum. lol hes annoying as hell

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did Rafa (or anyone else) get a photo of this pseudo T/O??

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Nah. I wish I did. I would of video taped it instead of a pic. I rarely take bart in the east bay.

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Yet when I post an informative, unbiased response to a similar question, I'm accused of being unprofessional and irrational.

BARTUNIBOMBER, you've met Jimmy.

He is on this site, he goes by the name "MUNIOPERATOR@YAHOO.COM"

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He sounds like a poor man's Darius McCollum.

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Except Jimmy LOVES BART Police. He'll call just to chat with dispatchers... will chat with Officers... and will occasionally report a legitimate problem to BPD.

Other than that - spot on. I'm in shock.

lmao exactly! Well i just dont like when he bugs people. Just let us be.We have had long enough days we dont need a wannabe bart employee pullin our strings...especially on hot non air conditioned trains. lol

Set up a volunteer run information booth at the Powell street station for tourists. and have him man it.

that might just work

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OK... How did that guy merit a Wikipedia article?

I love the internet.

*edit: next time I should read the article. How can people care enough to make that guy a celebrity? That is a better question to ask.

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I've never had the "pleasure" of meeting Jimmy, but from what I've heard, I might not want to...

U dont! rofl