Seat Hogs

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A young woman took up two seats during the morning rush hour commute. I asked her if she'd move her bag to the floor and let me have the seat. She said "I've got too much stuff". She could have easily moved her one bag underneath her seat to let me have a seat. She was being a BART Seat Hog. There should be a rule that there's only one seat per rider. I pay $2.90 each way and if someone takes more than one seat, they should have to pay double.

Anyone have an opinion on that?

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I prefer not to tell people what to do with their stuff. I just say excuse me, gesture at the seat, and stare at them until they're uncomfortable enough to move their crap. It usually works.

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Good idea.

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Starring them Down always works. I like that.

-Chrystal Flanders

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Oh hell no. Nah uh.

Me: Excuse me miss can I sit here?
Miss: I've got too much stuff
Me: So do I
Miss: No
Me: Move your stuff or I'll move it for you.
Miss: Mommy!!!

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I'll try that next time. :) Thanks for the great advice.

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I would probably say, "Well, there's nowhere else for me to sit."

I think it already is a rule that you cannot block a seat from use by another passenger with your stuff. If BART Police were called, they could demand that person move their belongings. Although... do you really want to call them for something like that?

I agree. Just stare at them, and maybe throw in some snarky comments until they're shamed into moving their crap. Or, just sit on top of their stuff, and when they complain, ask them if they have a ticket for their bags of crap.

Once a woman was sitting in the aisle at Civic Center with an empty window seat. I asked her if I could sit and she pointed at the seats across, saying I should go sit over there. She claimed she was saving her seat for her friend. I decided to just sit in the window seat behind her row and climb over if her friend didn't show up. Her friend did, but didn't see the woman and sat down in another seat, mwahah.

Another time a guy pretended to sleep in the morning commute in the aisle seat with his stuff in the window. I sat behind him and eventually gave up my seat to a dad with a toddler daughter. She began kicking the seat repeatedly and finally the jerk moved over so I could sit.


Next time someone does that, call them the c. word, whether they are male or female.