There is this Train Operator from Bay Point to Daily CIty ~ He kicks ass!

He is so funny. He is always making these comments about the weather and where we are going. He speaks just loud enough to hear him but not too loud. He sounds like a real fun guy. He went on this bit this AM about how there will not be drink service as there are no flight attendants on BART, corny I know, but such a breath of fresh air compared teh 99% of operators that mumble all the time

Mumbling operators, or operators that don't even make announcements isn't acceptable. That's just them being lazy.

However, operators with personality are hard to find because;

1. BART employs tons of plainclothes folks. Supervisors, managers, ect., don't wear uniforms to work, and a lot of BART employees use the train to get to work. You don't want make announcements thinking you're being good natured, funny or whatever, and get a knock at your cab door from a manager that doesn't approve.

2. A bunch of passengers have actually complained about operators having personality on the intercom, and a few operators have been disciplined for that. They said that they want the operator to speak as concise, and even toned as possible. Go figure.

(See, if enough people raise a stink about something, management listens)

That guys name is Ernie...he smiles and says good morning every day when he pulls up to the station. He makes other T.O.s seem like zombies! True, his in-flight beverage service line can be be a little corny, but it makes people smile so thats all that counts. Other T.O.s should follow his lead.

Careful everyone if Bart Mgmt is acutally reading this site. Ernie will get into some kind of trouble. There was another operator on the really early trains on the Pittsburg line and he used to do the same thing. The funny thing he used to do was tell everyone what job openings are at BART and sports scores for the bay are sports teams. I ran into him one day and he told a few of us who were familiar with his face that he was warned to stop doing that or he would get suspended. I think that's messed up by BART Mgmt, they should suspend the ones that don't even say the stops. I wouldn't want to be a blind person on that train.

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Why would Ernie get in trouble from Bart Management? That is so ridiculous! Everyone in the Bay Area is so uptight already cause of our way of life and guys like Ernie make it a little easier. It's just amazing that Ernie can carry his attitude this way especially working for BART. I've read on this site that some Station Agents get a bad attitude after working for a few years. If Ernie gets in trouble, we will fight for him.

Read the post three up from yours. Explains everything.

There is another train operator who is great. She doesn't have Ernie's personality but she is clear and informative. She picks up the train that arrives at the Concord station at 7:52 (assuming it's on time) that comes from the yard to head back to SF. If there is the slightest delay she lets the riders know what's going. She is also incredibly friendly to talk to on the platform while we all wait for the train. I really wish I knew her name because she needs to be commended by BART as one of their best TOs.

We had one operator pulled out of service and drug tested because a passenger complained that he was "too happy" (He made an error in his announcement, and chuckled at himself while correcting it). That sort of things makes us think twice about what we say and how we say it. I'm glad you enjoy it, but I wouldn't be surprised to see someone else complaining about the same thing.

That said, sometimes when the announcements are not made it is an operator who is lazy or has a bad attitude....but often it's the equipment. Sometimes the P.A. doesn't work in one specific car, or throughout the train. Call me and let me know the P.A. in car # xxxx doesn't seem to be working. (If it's me, I'll call for a technician....if it's someone not making their announcements...maybe they'll start.)

By the way...if you get a customer comment card from a station agent and write that "the train operator on the train that leaves Concord station at 7:52 a.m. is doing a great job" or whatever, they'll figure out who it is and give them the kudos. (a few of those type comments in the file will help when someone else decides they don't like that annoying operator who....)

I'll say the same thing I said in an earlier post. Think twice befor you put other peoples names out for public consumption...I noticed you put Ernie's name out there for all the world to see, but posted anonymously...whats up with that?

ernie put his own name out there.

Chill the fuck out!!!

It doesn't hurt to have a TO with a sense of humor after a long day in the city. Don't know this TO's name, but he was running the train on the Pittsburg/Bay Point Line around 3:45 the other afternoon. Soon after we left the Montgomery station, he announced, "Using your hands to stop the doors from closing is not only STUPID, but could result in broken or severed hands not to mention at least a 30-minute delay for your fellow passengers, but system-wide." I hope the rider who pulled this stunt got the message.

Wow, you guys are SOOOO NICE!! I am the Pittsburg/BP to Daly City T/O weekday mornings you speak of. My first time on this site and was I shocked to see comments on the internet regarding my PA announcements! I totally work hard at taking that extra step to provide a nice ride for my passengers every day and, with COMMUNICATION being so vital in any relationship, I particularly take pride in my announcements. It is truly my pleasure greeting each of you every morning, making ALL station arrival and transfer point announcements, informing you IMMEDIATELY of delays and keeping you updated, and occasionally saying something funny/silly/corny/whatever. And, if you're riding my train, I don't mind if you're laughing with me or at me....JUST LAUGH! Seeing you smile or wave as you offboard is very satisfying. And, in case you're wondering: BART management doesn't have a problem with Train Operators who "decorate" their PA's with funny tidbits or extras, so long as they don't engage in commenting on anything controversial such as religion, politics, etc....but that's a no-brainer.
Thank you all again for the nice words. And, don't be a stranger....come up to my cab and introduce yourself if you have a moment. I'd love for the chance to say 'hello' personally. See you on the rails!
btw-The T/O out of Concord Station weekday mornings that one poster raves of is either "Grace" (Asian gal with eyeglasses) or "Melissa" (slender Caucasian T/O with long hair a few minutes later). Both are EXCEPTIONAL operators whom I strive to emulate with regard to their impeccable work ethic, intoxicating charisma, professional talent and unending courtesy. Only 9 weeks out of training class here and I hope to grow up one day to be just like them! :)

nice way to insult grace she is hispanic, next reminder you are still on probation...

As I read through the posts on this board, I find myself asking, "Has a BART Employee ever been 'talked" by management for postings on this board or boards like it?"

I find it interesting that a T/O would put his name out there, for other employees to read and as another points out, putting other employees names on a public forum, such as this. I know all BART employees, must wear name tages, but who really wants their name out in public, like this?

I hope no one gets into any trouble over it.


I do not know if any bart employee has ever been "talked" by management for posting here, but I do not think it has happened...yet.
I was also surprised that the operator gave out someone elses names. I would not want my name just posted for anyone to find me. Can you say stalker ? I think Ernie owes the 2 ladies an apologie.
As far as name tags you are misinformed. Train operators are not required to wear name tags and most choose not to.

Hmmm, I've date Hispanic/Latin gals and Asian gals (was married to one!) She struck me as perhaps part Filipino and maybe a little bit Latin. I'll have to ask her to be sure. She definitely looks more Asian to me, but what the hell do I know? Certainly not an insult, but a misstep, partner. :)

And, I wont argue with anyone. Perhaps I do owe my coworkers an apology. I thought about it before posting their names. I chose to do so for several reasons: 1) They converse with passengers every single day and I know for sure they wouldn't hide their names from a nice person who queried them. 2) Some passengers have even asked them their names in order to contact BART HQ to commend their amazing work ethic. You might be right would have been prudent to ask them first. Thank you for the correction.

As for still being on probation, I'm certainly aware of this fact! If I start doing something I'm not supposed to, kindly let me know! Be aware however that I have NEVER been afraid to sign my name to something I've proudly worked at and accomplished nor have I ever been afraid of backing up a statement I've made. I'm quite comfortable and satisfied with my ability and growth as a Train Operator thus far. I don't plan on getting fired anytime soon. But, I'm always open to constructive criticism. What can you teach me?

I hope this message finds you all well. =)

Ernie~ Just keep doing what you're doing! Don't let any of these shit-for-brains tell you how to do your job. I have the privlage of riding your train 5 days a week. Some of the people who post on this site are looking for ANY reason to spew all over even the nicest, well meaning blogs.
Thanks again for doing such a great job.

You're missing the point ~H. It's not about how well Ernie does his job, its about the right to privacy, and not having sombody blab your name on the internet.

I do see what you're getting at, however, no one's releasing any social security numbers or maiden names here...these are first names!!!
Unless these T.O.s are super paranoid or are doing a crap job, I'm sure they couldn't care less.
By the way, my name is Hayley. Anyone else wanna take a huge step and reveal their first name? It feels sooo good!

rookie, rookie, rookie, rookie, got all the answers, but missed the question.

"You are still on probation" What a jackass! For gods sake he was being nice, take the stick out of your ass and save it for the people who need to hear it. Not for someone being nice on a dam internet Blog!

You should think twice before putting other peoples names out for public might be cool for you, but maybe not for them.

I've been riding BART since it opened and I've never been annoyed by any of the train operators. They should all be commended for going the extra mile to get us home when these sardine can trains break down all the time as well as the other techs on the trains. I've seen train operators on at least two occasions get out of a train in pouring rain to manually deal with a switch so we can be on our way. I've seen them come out countless numbers of times to find and fix a door. BART Management should do more to reward the train operators who try to make everyone's day as pleasant as possible instead of take the word of one comment card or passenger complaint saying the TO was too happy or whatever. Gheese!

Yea Ernset dont bother listening to the disgrunyled employees reply, your the bomd, feel free to stay that way.