I'm glad it's Friday...

I ended up sitting one of the senior/people with disabilities seats since I couldn't do my ride back and board on an earlier train trick.

Another reason to avoid those seats, other than the standard it's for seniors and people with disabilities (since it was Friday I didn't see anyone who really needed the seats) is to avoid the view. You can watch people coming in and out of the train.

I did not need to see the overweight man with his belly sagging over his belt. His shirt, which fit him just fine normally, rode up when he reached up to hand onto the bar. It also gave me a lovely view of the fact that his fly was unzipped. Thankfully there was white instead of something else, but STILL.

I will make EVERY effort not to sit in those seats, even if the train is not full. I really could have not used that sight on a Friday afternoon.

Oh, and why, WHY was there such a delay this morning? What the #@$%@#* is this about a cover being on the tracks? A delay of nearly half an hour? BART is clearly in dire need of updating because it cannot handle the change in the people who use its services. Honestly, someone or something sneezes and the whole system is ready to collapse.