Stair Texters are Carbuncular Culos

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Excuse me, Asshole? Yes, you. Um, it's rush hour and texting your BFF with the details of what you had for lunch today while teetering from stair-to-stair as slowly as possible is going to get you "accidentally" shoved down said stairs. Get the fuck out of the way.

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HAHAHA! Too true! "Oops!"

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I had a "Get the #uck out of my way problem today also. I'm in the evil coffee corporation trying to get a boost of energy. I quickly got my coffee and hustled over to the condiment station to add cream to my venti, only to run into some jackass and his girlfriend making poorman's mochas. I stood behind them patiently for a minute or two while he added more chocolate, stirred several times, tasted it and then made "lovey" faces at each other. This went on for three sessions.

I finally couldn't take it any longer and shoved my way in grabbing the half and half over his shoulder. Have some consideration for others next time. When I turned back around, there were three people behind me waiting to get in.

By the way mister, your girlfriend ain't nothing special. But then again, you're made for each other.

sounds like you forgot to spill some of that half & half on them..

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nooo... spill 200° hot coffee on them... hot liquids prove points. =]

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geez i hate that. every time i go to my favorite taqueria i get stuck behind some douchebag at the salsa bar taking their sweet ass time filling up 18 half ounce containers with mild salsa.

Hey! that was me...

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OMFG!!! Yea tell those fuckers to move.. shit!! We got places to go dammit!!!

-Chrystal Flanders

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I prefer to do my texting in the car while I drink my coffee and drive with my knees.

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Same here, bro! And of course I gotta have my trax goin full blast! I can't get pumped for the job without feeling the woofers (they cost a whole months paycheck, but their worth it. they SLAP!


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