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I was recently exiting at train at 12th Street with my bike. I usually try to get up early and get my bike off first to get it out of the way of the doors. As I was exiting the train a guy in back of me said that it was a rule on BART that bikes have to exit last. I told him I was not aware of that.

Is there any such rule?

Specifically no. According to BART’s bike rules though “Bicyclists must yield priority seating to seniors and people with disabilities, yield to other passengers, and not block aisles or doors or soil seats.” Interpret this how you may.

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I always get off first. I also run over peoples toes if they are standing in the door way.

That rule is for exiting the Ferry, not BART.

On the Ferry, when deboarding, bicyclists must wait for other passengers to step off first.

When boarding however there is no such rule ( nor is there a need )

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I was thinking about this thread and while waiting for the train this morning noticed a message on the overhead monitors regarding cyclists and courtesy to other riders. One part of the message is that cyclists were asked to "yield to other riders while entering and exiting trains" along with platitudes like "commone sense", "don't take bikes on escalators" .. blah blah. Perhaps, this is the source of the comment.

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i always board last when i have my bike. i try and hang out near the door though; so i can get my bike out of the train (and out of the way) before people start milling around in the car like sheep and block the exit.

also, you never know who's gonna be standing outside trying to get in. alot of people don't wait for passengers to finish exiting before shoving their way in. all it takes is one oblivious mom with a stroller and i'm stuck backtracking from the next station.