The rudest TO I've come across

I've been a BART rider for nearly 15 years, and I've seen my fair share of jerk passengers and BART employees. I used to drive transit buses, and I sympathize with BART employees who have to deal with angry and rude passengers day in and day out.

However, today I think I saw a TO step over the line.

The first incident was at 19th Street Oakland. A man boarded the SFO Airport train that began at Pittsburg-Bay Point at 06:17, which naturally is a "no bikes" train. The TO first reminded him of the policy, however the passenger did not immediately debark. The TO continued to address the passenger on the PA, describing him by his race rather than his clothing. I don't think that the TO needed to describe the passenger by his race, especially not by calling him "That Black guy who just got on the train with his bike..." There was definitely some venom in his voice associated with the word "Black", which I don't really find appropriate. Eventually the TO took off, after waiting for five or so minutes.

The train was at this point a few minutes late, and I assume the TO wanted to catch up. At the following stops, the TO continually closed the doors very quickly. I was riding in the front car, and witnessed several times where passengers were left behind at the platform because they couldn't board in time. At Montgomery, it was most noticeable. The last passenger in a 5-deep line of people was attempting to board at the door closest to the operator. The operator closed the door on the passenger's arm and leg as he took his first step onto the train. The passenger recovered his arm and leg, and asked the operator why he closed the door on him. The operator shrugged, then slammed his window shut so he wouldn't have to continue conversing with the passenger.

Maybe the TO was having a bad morning, but really, did he need to take it out on his passengers? And if he wasn't having a bad morning, but this is his normal MO, I'm pretty sure he's not necessarily an asset to the system...

A.T.'s picture

I agree. As an audio technician we must have a positive attitude and keep a cool head under all circumstances, especially when it has to do with our clients. I admit that I have my days when I want to let off some steam, but I do that on the video games, not on the people that have nothing to do with my issues. It's not fair to them. I don't think this operator understands that his actions affect his entire team. If he can't channel his frustration properly or he doesn't care, then I recommend he transfer to a department that does not deal with the public. Considering the current economy and the organization he works in, I suggest he be more thankful and learn to appreciate his position. I know a handful of people that would love to work in BART as a T/O. I happen to be one of them.