Well what do you know, a bart cop running this forum

shrapnel don't you think this is a complete conflict of interest? And you suggesting the officer who shot and killed the man is innocent is a crock of shit. get real, bart is the official joke transit system in this country. you and your cronies should be the last people to have guns. And thanks for putting the $27 mil on us.

the bart pigs are definitely on edge. Meaning that they all look like they just drank 50 cups of coffee each. I asked a bart cop "where is Johannes?" and he stuck his chest out and took two agressive steps at me before another lady bart cop grabbed his arm. Bart is now taking orders for cop assault on top of murder.

So do you know exactly what happened? Were you there to witness the actual accounts and not some blurry ass video? If so, please share. I've heard all these stories and am curious to know the truth. Seems like you would know since you seem so adamant of your opinion of the BART officer involved.

Look at the big wittle man, harassing BART Police in an anonymous online forum, and making up BS stories about your supposedly harassing them in person. You must have to cart those balls around with a pickup truck (made by Micro Machines).

You do realize that you're only making yourself look like more and more of a fool?

What is wrong with you? What do you expect when you ask about a co-worker, new father, police officer, and maybe a friend.

I am sure you didn't ask out of concern..

You would have to be an idiot to believe the officer went to his job that day to kill someone.. I bet he had better thoughts of his newborn child.

Tragic for all, and if that had been that officer you taunted, I would have checked out and beat the shit out of you..

The victim was far from any kind of upstanding citizen.. Accidental public service? Google the name of the victim, you will find he is far from a good person.

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how about you stay on topic rather than personally attacking a moderator? i am also a moderator. i am not one to delete posts, but you are getting on my last nerve. stay on topic or you are gone.

I've been reading bartrage for a few months now and have never felt that compelled to post, so I had not yet made an account. But today, I finally did feel that need. Please, someone, ban this idiot who is wasting all of our time with his off-topic and unsubstantiated ranting. This is a forum to bitch about a lack of common decency, common sense, and etiquette, not to put that lack into action.

I disagree entirely that Shrapnel "suggested" that the officer involved was "innocent." Shrapnel did nothing more than post a good reminder that none of us were witnesses and that we don't have all the facts yet, so that any conclusion we draw now is ill-informed at best. Shrapnel made it clear that she was not there, and had no firsthand account of what happened (putting her in pretty much the same place as the rest of us). And I have not seen that she has even given us her opinion of what happened, if she has one.


He probably types this stuff from the library computer at the middle school he attends.


Don't respond to this guy and he will leave.

No it is not a conflict of interest at all, why don't you quit jumpting to conclusions before you have the facts but you have a personal race agenda, don't you POS.