Mehserle Arrested In Nevada

Johannes Mehserle, the former BART police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man on an Oakland train platform on New Year's Day, was arrested in Nevada today in connection with the shooting, The Chronicle has learned.

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13 days late... at least it happened. I pray he never has the opportunity to murder again.

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In order for it to be considered murder, there must be intent and malice. Watching the videos, There was no intent or malice shown.

Ey duff man, dippshit, if you were the one on the concrete with a gun to your back, what would your opinion be then??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? How about intent and the relation to that and drawing a weapon. When a gun is drawn the intent is to use it. Idiot.

He should get Involuntary manslaughter at the most. There was no malice or premeditation. When the cop haters post, thre truth is usually opposite them.

Why was he on the concrete in the first place? The officers wouldn't have responded to the situation in the first place, had there not been some cause to.

Guns aren't always used when they are drawn, and police officers generally have good reason to draw their weapons. You can sit here and second-guess either party's actions all you like, but really, all you have to go on is video from an outside perspective.

Why not just wait for the investigation to finish, and then draw your conclusions after you have more facts?

A spineless decision and one made for the politicians. BART should be ashamed of themselves and hang their heads in shame at this decision. I have not heard one person from the Chief of police to anyone in authority speak up for the officer who was only doing his job at a dangerous location

Jerry Brown has now gained a few extra votes, first he went after all those who voted yes on Prop 8 as he saw the potential of earning votes from the Gay population and now he has gone after the votes of the criminal fraternity by going after police officers. nice one Jerry, who is next

I'm with dcross_67 above!

Heaven forbid he drives a car and has another accident where he kills someone.
And if you want to avoid getting murdered, STAY HOME, most people get murdered in traffic accidents.
And don't hang with creeps with a record.

I feel sorry for this guy. What morons would even think this officer would PURPOSELY shoot an unarmed man in front of a platform full of drunken loudmouths just looking for a reason to go off and be jerks. You can hear them throughout every single video. These loudmouths should also have been charged with obstruction of justice and interfering with an arrest for the amount of Kaos and confusion they caused, as well as accessory after the fact if they are charging the BPD officer with murder. They definitely contributed to this tragic situation. What assholes. I can't believe this.

Looking at the damage done in Oakland during the protests, that speaks for itself about these people and what they are really about. Get real. In any event, everyone, including BART, has succeeded in ruining this Officer's life and the life of his family. He wasn't out drinking and fighting on a BART train, he was out working, trying to do his job and support his family and he screwed up.


I'm VERY disappointed in BART management for not standing up for their own and caving into pressure from loudmouth jerks, Irresponsible reporters, destructive protestors, and a greedy ambulance chasing attorney. I hope you are all happy. Oscar set himself up by being a loudmouth drunk and fighting on BART. It wasn't like he was an innocent bystander. That is comparative negligence which will be taken into account in the wrongful death action. I bet that greedy attorney was happy the officer was arrested, it strengthens his wrongful death case and that's all he cares about.

I hope BART takes security and having decent cameras seriously from now on and just closes at midnight for New Year's. Obviously, people just can't go out and have a good time any more. It has become too dangerous for everyone including law enforcement and with sue happy America, it isn't even worth it from a business standpoint.

This incident was a true tragedy for everyone involved. Maybe people will finally figure out that alcohol is dangerous for those who are drunk, as well as for those innocent people who are standing next to the obnoxious drunk. Kind of the same theory as drunk drivers on the road with sober drivers. Damage and destruction always occurs.

From the video, it didn't look like there were enough BPD on the platform to handle the situation. Next time, I think I would keep the troublemakers on the train and get everyone else off the train, close the doors and deal with it that way, separating people being arrested from the crowd of loudmouth passengers if BPD is in short supply as seems to have been the case on New Year's Eve.

I have met a few BART Police Officers that I didn't care for but 90% plus are wonderful officers, as well as very nice, personable, people who really try and it is wrong what has happened here.

I don't get why it's a "no bail" warrant. He wasn't running except for his own life and he won't be safe in jail that's for sure. He isn't a thug with a criminal history and this isn't first or second degree murder. I think they just arrested him for murder to appease the public. What a joke.

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Well said.

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In the camera phone videos I was watching, it appeared as if the doors were open on the train. If so, why in the world were the doors left open on the train in this situation? For that matter, why was the train still at the platform? I would think the system would want to get the rest of the passengers away from the situation on the platform. I'm not being flip - I was very curious as to regular procedure - Shrapnel? Officer JoJo? Operator 9? Thanks in advance for any clarification.

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You made some very valid points. Unfortunately, I will not talk about police tactics on this forum. It would be easy for me to sit back now and "Monday morning quarterback" the incident. I wasn't there and I am not going to second quess the officers on scene. I have worked closely with several of them and they are solid, professional officers. The situation must have been crazy.

I just hope folks will quit acting out when detained by police. Let us do our job and if you "didn't do anything" [like I always hear], then you will be on your way.

As for the obstruction of justice charges, we could charge a lot of people with that crime. We use it as little as possible. It doesn't get charged when no one gets hurt. If you have a lot of those types of arrests, it is presumed you don't know how to talk to people and end up in lots of training classes. I wish we could send citizen's to a "How to act civilized in public" class when they act out.

Enough for now. Be careful out there today.

I almost blurted out a "JoJo" when I saw a german shepard in Civic Center station on Monday. Then I realized that's just as bad as when people want to pet a working animal.

Re, bart_rider, I'd kick up the percentage to about 99% of Bart cops that are nothing but professional.

That's funny, 99% was my first figure and then I decided well maybe I wasn't being realistic because I don't know the majority of BPD's officers.

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Officer Jo-Jo or Shrap, Is there anything available for people who want to show support for the Officer? I've spent some time with the BPD and would like to get involved in a positive way.

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Right now we are in a catch 22 for publicly supporting the officer. If you show too much support, we are "covering things up". If we show too little support, we are "abandoning the officer". The police officers association is focusing on caring for his family. I don't have any suggestions at this time on how to get involved. If citizens publicly show support of the officer, they are likely to get a "beat down" from some group of youngsters. I wish I could make a suggestion but I don't have any advice.

Cool tie-dye by the way,

Officer Jo-Jo

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Thanks.. ya, I figured standing on a street corner during the protests with a sign that said "innocent until proven guilty" wasn't a good idea! :)

Please post an update if something comes up. Hopefully the District will figure out a way to do something PC.

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Love new picture of puppy. I'm always hoping to catch a glimpse of you two at Montgomery. My two GSD send regards.

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Hopefully the shepherds aren't crazy like your "sniper cat". We'll be sure to duck!

Agreed, I definitely shouldn't Monday morning quarterback! I wasn't there and am not in law enforcement and I don't believe anything I read in the paper any more so I don't even know the TRUE facts. Interesting about the obstruction point of view. Glad you said something.

In all the video I listened to though, I could not hear one intelligent conversation going on at all on the platform, just F words followed by that's F'n wrong, that's F'd up, blah, blah, etc. It sounded like there were a ton of beligerent people on that platform. It looked like two males were going after the female police officer that her gun out and then two more BART Police Officers ran over and they quickly detoured but I felt like they were going to go after her and that made me think there wasn't enough BPD on the platform to handle the situation.

Myself, I like to stay home and off the road as much as possible during the holiday season, especially with the fog. Fog and drunks really don't mix well at all. The drunks are a pain enough. This year, I tried to take as much time off as possible and just stay home because I felt BART was particularly unruly even before New Year's and just needed a break from it all.

People were forcing the doors open, keeping the train from leaving. In one of the videos, you can hear the TO repeatedly asking riders to board the train so it could leave. Unfortunately, the TO can't close the doors when people are standing in the doorways. And BART PD did not have enough officers on scene to successfully get everyone back on to the train so the doors could close.

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Thanks. I couldn't hear the audio very well, so that explains a lot.

Damn right they didn't let the doors close. And they caught eveything they needed to get on video as well. And that is the world we live in. We deserve to be able to stand by fellow citizens and document crimes against them and then upload them to the internet so people can see what happened. So next time some insane cop has a gun to your back, I'll be happy to make sure the door gets closed and I shut my camera off too. Then nobody will know what happened to you. Nice and just the way you'd like it.

Isn't that what you people on the streets call a "Snitch"? If not then why don't these "fellow citizens" report drive-bys, home invasion robberies, gang shootings, etc and other acts of domestic terrorism and contribute to society and stop thinking that you're not going to work for the white man.

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Because Snitches Get Stitches, and the message is to "Stop Snitching."

I see the irony here, too.


yes, well done..

thank you..

I completely agree.

I disagree. The CRIME was racially motivated. I'm sure that the officer would not have shot me if I was white. There was no reason to detain us anyway. We didn't harm anyone. No rider has come forward and accused us specifically of bodily injury. Yeah, we were rowdy and drunk. But no one's lives except mine was put in danger.

If you are stupid enough to not stay home on New Years Eve, you should expect this type of chaos. There were plenty of other white riders who were rowdy also. What the fuck do you expect to see then? Sunday mass at the Mormon Temple?

Well, I least I'll have the last laugh, and just say "Mehserle loves company". Hehehe.



Well said BARTrider.

saw1972 : before this what things were you protesting and bitching about ?

Protesting, no. Bitching, yes. Look back at my posts. I don't think I need to go into detail.

I clapped and yelled out when I hear they hunted down this little bastard Mehserle. I have such a hard time believing the bullshit! Who would dare sympathize with the cop? blame it on people yelling on the platform...?? um hello, training? That's what the police job requirement is all about, training, moderation, respect and service to the community, not shooting first and then realizing that you just killed someone. And according to the records this is the 3rd time in history bart police have been responisble for killing unarmed people. Bart police are not supposed to be Mafia, Militia, or organized gang units, they are pretty much just security officers for the train, you know to make sure kids don't spill soda or put gum under the seats. Why not just have real police on the train, who have to answer to real higher ups. I don't hate all cops, just the power of deadly force they can use without justification.

Hey Mehserle, have fun in San Quintin, oh and watch your back.

Because "REAL" police officers have more to deal with off of BART property than people like you trying to act all big and bad when you are asked to take your feet off the seats and turn your music down.

no problem with respecting people on the train, no problem with having the music down. Problem with what happened. People like me? you mean people who work in public service too?

"people like you" = general statement.

The real police comment confused me.. BPS have the same training sometimes more than a city cop.. City cop has jurisdiction in only their city, BPS has juridiction in all counties in the whole bay area.... And i heard it was hard to get into the BART Police.

BART K9 and swat teams are borrowed by city police at times. They have very good anti terrorism and earthquake training, better than many of the cities.
Unless people want BPS to be more like a city cop?

i BET if police did a records check on many of those cop haters they'd find many warrants.

At the minimum a police record.

Most definitely

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I know they are sworn in as actual police officers, but NateD and other folks on this site think that they are glorified security with guns and that their guns should be removed.

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hunted down this little bastard Mehserle

According to the news reports, this simply did not happen. The police contacted his attorney and he in turn contacted his client, who then turned himself in.

I really do feel sorry for you and your myopic view of the world. I can't even imagine what happened to you to hate so bitterly. I'm also pretty sure that you are not prejudiced, you hate everyone, especially someone in uniform.

If I ( and I assume anyone else ) were in Mehserle's place, I think they would do the same thing.

  • Not talk to anyone will they have consulted with a lawyer.
  • Stay out of harms way
  • Turn themselves in if/when requested

As for being on the "run", he was not under orders "not to leave town" and his location was not hidden from the authorities

I read that he turned himself in. With all those death threats, he had to leave. Shame on the papers for publishing his name.

Just think if all those protestors put the same energy into doing something positive for Oakland instead of destroying it. What a waste of money and City resources.


Your ignorance levels are increasing with each post. You're questioning BPD training here? If what happened on NYE happened frequently, THEN you could question training. The training states that officers are not to draw their weapons unless they are drawn upon, or they feel their life is in imminent danger. That is how they are trained. Mersle effed up. Period. His mistake had NOTHING to do with training or procedure because he clearly did not adhere to either. That's not a training issue because he received the same training every other cop on the force has received. It was a personal mistake on his part. Period.

I wish the black community would "demonstrate" against the drug pushers, gang violence, fatherless children and other significant issues in their community as vigorously as they are against the police.

don't we all...

But I would not call it "Black community" as there are other races involved.

But it is definitely that community that is biased turning a blind eye to their own community crimes.

That was just another spineless racial generalized comment against black-americans. We are seen as violent, drug addicted, gangbanging scum. Why don't officers Shapnel and JoJo say something except giving a +1 vote to racist posts? Aren't one or both of them african-americans also? That is what I've been led to believe.

As my ashes float by Alcatraz, I'll be sure to wave to Officer Mehserle who will be the only inmate there. That would be the ideal punishment for his crime. To be stuck on a tiny wind swept frigid island all by himself for life.


Posting and pretending to be Oscar Grant, especially during this time, is pretty spineless too. Not to mention totally tasteless, utterly retarded, but whatever helps you feel empowered I guess.

What does it matter what ethnicity Sharpnel and Jo-Jo are? Maybe they aren't responding because they know what was said was true? I'm black and I agree with the above statement. There's a 100+ murders in Oakland every year. TRUE, cold blooded murders. People intentionally, and deliberately taking the lives of others. You don't hear a peep out of the the black community, or the city of Oakland for that matter then do you? Then Oscar Grant (not you) is accidentially shot and killed by a police officer and people wanna burn the city of Oakland down. Is Oscar Grant's life worth more than the dude that got sprayed and killed in east Oakland two nights before? Why aren't people trying to burn down Oakland over him? Why aren't people protesting over other killings in Oakland? Even the deliberate murder of Chauncey Bailey by another black man, in broad daylight in Oakland no less, failed to bring any sort of community organization against violent crime. Apparently black on black crime is acceptable in Oakland, but as soon as a black man is killed by a white man, all hell breaks loose. And you speak of racism????????? If the community would come together and protest the sensless 100+ killings as they are doing for Oscar Grant, maybe Oakland would be a better place to live.

I remember reading the day after the uprising (I mean riots) that a dude said he condoned the violence that took place because "somebody had to pay for his life". Huh? Innocent store, business owners, and civilians who didn't even have anything to do with Grant's murder, let alone know him had to pay for it by getting cars that they owned, and property destroyed? So what? We're putting pricetags on lives now? All that rioting was nothing but a big excuse for a bunch of people to lose their minds and act ignorant and destroy s*it. Grant's family denounced the violence that took place so that should tell you how retarded that was. The only person that should pay for Grant's death is the man that pulled the trigger. Period.

And speaking of his family, I know they are hurting over the loss. They should be. But slappping a 25 million lawsuit against BART days after the incident isn't good. Couldn't even wait until the investigation was complete before asking for money huh. Again. We're apparently putting pricetags on lives now and even in death, Oscar Grant has basically been turned into a 25 million deceased lottery ticket.

This is just a sad situation on so many levels.