Dublin / Pleasanton parking

"What were they thinking ?"

Over this past weekend, BART decided to convert 1/3 of the parking spaces on the Dublin side of the Dublin/Pleasanton station from $1 daily use to reserved/monthly parking.

I can understand if they slowly decided to increase the reserved spaces, perhaps 2-3 parking space rows at a time ... but 1/3 ? If I were to guess, there were probably 300 spaces empty this morning in this newly converted section.

Up until now, BART has done a good job of communicating the upcoming changes to the parking areas as they commence construction of a parking structure (finally). I would have liked some type of warning last week that such an aggressive reduction of available daily parking was about to occur.

Just another way for them to rip off the consumer. They are not satisfied with the $1/day they want you buy their overpriced monthly parking pass at $3/day ($63/month). BART is a joke compared to the other systems around the US/World.

Don't forget the train operators at 64K per year--they gotta find a way to pay for them too.

Now let's not go besmerching the train operators at $64K per year. It is a tough job remembering all those station names in the right order, walking to/from the train to their break rooms every hour or so and sometimes it is cold, or wet or hot or both on those platforms, and not the least of all they have to pay union dues for this privilege. A lousy job but someone has to do it.

Haters. Gotta love em.

I bet you have no problem paying $65.00 for a ticket to some event at the arena. Don't people have to pay $10-$12 dolars to park there. It is only $1.00 it could be worse.

The lot was almost full by 6:45 am. Really stupid of BART.

Stupid of BART..or stupid of you to show up late on a free day?

Today wasn't free but it was still full. This has nothing with the free day as Thurs & Fri was also free. I ride BART at this station everything, same time. Free or no free, the new permit area was almost empty while the $1 fee area was full.

It was a free day on Monday. Read the date of the original post.

Call BART at 510-464-6169. The station agent in Dublin provided this # as the complaint # for the parking situation on Monday.

Call Kevin Haggerty or Jim Evans. They are the brians behind the whole parking program. If I am correct Haggerty was fired from UC Berkley and San Francisco doing the same job. Why BART hired him would be intresting to know.

I'm starting to really, truly hate the parking situation there. Before the conversion, you had a chance of finding a spot in the $1 a day spots before 8:30/8:45... Now, if you aren't there by 7:40, good luck! The thing that makes me infuriated is that the permit spots are NEVER filled up. The dublin permit side has at least half of the spots open until 10 am. Same with the Pleasanton side. I spend at most 10 minutes driving to the station, but at least 20 minutes looking for a spot.

Yes, I can leave earlier, but it seems that everybody else is too. Those unused spots need to be returned to general use.