Mr. Grant was beaten by another BART cop before being murdered by Johannes Meserle

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He needs to be charged with assault at the least, possibly more considering he pinned Mr. Grant's head to the ground right before he was executed by Meserle.

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Try reviewing your own source material before misrepresenting it. The person who was punched in the face by a BART cop was not Oscar Grant. Both men are clearly visible in the video, and they are NOT the same person.

At the same time, I thank you very much for posting the link to the KTVU video. It is now clear that the BART Police Department has a serious problem with and an ongoing pattern of using excessive force.


You two crack me up.

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My thoughts exactly

pass the popcorn.

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Hey Pete,

I'll keep the popcorn to myself, and you can keep the "everyone who has an encounter with the police is a thug" wonder drug to yourself as well.

BTW, your handle is very appropriate and fits your disposition just perfectly.

Off to go pop some more popcorn...

As I said in another tread on this forum:

*** I would trust any BART police officer with my life any day ***

particularly when compared to some of the overreacting Oaklanders and random getto punks that have been talking out their back ends here.

And before you say I do not know what I am talking about, I have spent my night in jail.
(If you are wondering why, search earlier posts of mine on this site to find the details)

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I would, too.

I love the BART gun logo. I would like to put that on a t-shirt. Can you provide a link to a larger version or a place where one might purchase such a shirt?

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I don't think that is appropriate for here. Google "improved BART logo" and its the first link. Shirts apparently are available via the link at the bottom. Its not my logo, just something I came across that seemed fitting.

Cool, thanks! I ordered a shirt and can't wait to wear it on my next BART ride!

I love the new BART Logo. It should be a warning to gansters and brawlers to do their thing at home so innocent people can ride the train in safety with out getting mugged, stabbed, robbed or bludgeoned by a so called family man just trying to get home.

I guess in some cultures a family man goes out, gets drunk, does a little narcotics, rumbles on a train then fights with the police who are trying to protect innocent bystanders.

What a crock. Maybe it's time to leave it all behind and imigrate to another country where they have laws that protect the innocent people rather than the criminals who get themselves killed by the police.

If you don't want to get shot by a BART cop, behave when you ride the trains or stay home. If you need to rumble have all the Gansters over to your crib and have at it.