Fremont Station is a Grab Bag

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed the varying degree of agents at the Fremont Station.

There's one woman: young, kind of short, blond, works in the mornings it seems who is one of the nicest people I've dealt with at Bart. She told me about the override for EZ Rider cards, she printed out some proof for me when I had my parking ticket... I wish I had gotten her name because she is the biggest help and is the best person to ask for help.

Then there was an older woman who was also very kind when I was having trouble with parking when I first signed up for EZ Rider parking. She tested my card, she tried to get it to work on the touch pad, and she was just incredibly nice at 6:50 in the morning.

There's the one woman with glasses who was a little heavyset who, while helpful, seemed like she was annoyed with the people who were taking Bart just for the day and weren't usuals. She didn't help me with my EZ Rider card to "save me money" (yeah- 35 cents). Was she awful? Not really. Was she great? Not really.

Lastly there's the older, I believe he was Asian (though this was a few years ago now so I don't exactly remember), man who was incredibly snippy with me when I was about 10 cents short on my ticket. I had just started school at SFSU and was using the $48 tickets you get at the supermarket. I wasn't well versed in the fact that the ticket didn't last all week going between Fremont and Daly City so when he said, "You know you're short." to which I responded, "No... I thought that was enough...". He then, grudgingly, let me through the emergency exit saying, "You get through this once." Yes I should have checked the fares, but it was my first week of college- I had far more on my mind. Did he let me through? Yes. Did he bother to make some attempt to be nice? Not really. To his credit he does have to deal with gate jumpers and such, but why would I bother asking about my ticket in genuine confusion if I was trying to get *out* of the station. I've only ever heard of people begging to be let in when they have no fare.

Though that being said I'd say Fremont's agents are better than Daly City's. I've only had two good ones so far. One who was really helpful and that was the one who helped me, again in my first year of college and on Bart, when my high value ticket demagnetized. The second was the man who was happy to help me when the EZ Rider readers were being wonky one morning. The last guy I saw at Daly City who I asked for help looked like he was a janitor who barely knew how to test the EZ Rider cards.

Long winded and probably pointless, but I wanted to give some good with the bad.

Dude...Why so many dealings with the SA?
I know, I explained all that in your manifesto, but really...why?

Stick some CA$H in your shoe, for those little unexpected things that come up, like say...oh...train fare.

Pack some snacks in case the particular station agent on duty doesn't know the exact directions from the BART station to your house.

You should also think about starting all of your future posts with the line
Call me Ismail

Solid commentary on the pointless part though.