Watch Out for Head Lice On BART

Omigod! I didn't know there was a BART forum! I would've posted this incident a long time ago. Anyway, I was on the SFO train from the Powell Station and sat on the seats facing each other. It was infested with head lice all over! It got all over my clothes so I had to take off my sweater and all I had on was a tank top at 9:00 at night--so embarrassing! When I tried to talk to BART about it, they basically dismissed me. I had to throw about my entire outfit! Grrrrrrr!

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Oh hell to the no. We are just coming to the end of our head lice quarentine at home. I assumed my daughter picked it up at school and passed it to me by laying in my bed to watch movies. To think I was the originator makes me sick. Why does it cost $11.50 a freakin day if they can't spray down the seats to get rid of parasites? GRRRR.

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It just doesn't take much for lice to infest any cloth covered surface. Just imagine the comfortable stadium seats at movie theaters. If you can recall the arrival time of the train at Powell Street Sta and the approximate location on the train, please post it here, hopefully, someone from BART would be able to track the car down and get it cleaned up. Human fleas are also a problem in the lush carpet environment.

The upholstered seats in the theatre of the SF main library have been infested almost since the opening. Molded plastic seats are not very comfortable but at least they can be wiped down with CitraSolv or the like. I used to attend meetings there in the theatre and homeless folks would be nodding all over the theatre----and I would be itching.

There was no need to throw out an entire outfit.

Just quarantine it into a plasic bag for two weeks. The little lice should starve with in a week.