transbay tube

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does anyone know if the transbay tube has ever been retroffited? i remember reading an article in the chronicle several years ago giving worse case scenarios in the event of a major earthquake.


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thanks for the links. just wondering when bart plans on starting work on the most vulnerable side of the transbay tube, the san francisco side. the article i referred to earlier pointed out these problems with the tube back in the early 2000s. guess they haven't gotten around to it yet..?

Why is Muni's Church St. station being repaired by BART when BART doesn't even stop there? Seems a good place to cut some money from the budget.

BART owns the tunnel.

...and the station. Columns are being wrapped with reinforcement material. The station retrofit is part of the overall BART retrofit program.

But why? Wouldn't it be cheaper to just give the tunnel to San Francisco and say "BART doesn't want it anymore, you want it, YOU pay for it"

It was originally intended to be a BART tunnel, with the last stop at St. Francis Circle. Let's not forget BART down Geary as well. At this point, who knows? Public transit in the Bay Area is politicized to the extent that riders are mere nuisances.