Who Owns BART ?

Yes I would like to know if someone knows who exactly owns BART? I know it is substidized by the state, feds, and most of all by the riders, ever since it started its been losing money, yet they continue to add new additions, extentions,even though the public has said no,there deficit continues to keep getting bigger and bigger, now that the state and federal government are not contributing as much the only way to get more money is from its riders, again who actually owns BART? The state, is Bart a private company? If it is a private company shouldnt the tax paying public be able to vote if Bart should stay in business, since it is a losing proposition just like [GM] does anyone know?

BART is a public transportation agency, much like Muni, or AC Transit, or whoever.

BART is owned by the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District, just as the Golden Gate Bridge is owned by the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District.

It's controlled by a publicly-elected board of directors. Each board member represents--and is elected by the residents of--one of the 9 districts within the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District.

There are also already votes on things like line extensions. For example, in the November 2008 election, the residents of Santa Clara County passed a supplemental sales tax measure to provide funding to extend BART to San Jose.

So, if you're not happy with how BART is being run, contact your BART BoD representative, or work to get them replaced in the next election.

If Santa Clara County gets BART, will the districts/management be re-done to properly reflect
the populations involved? San Jose is the 10th largest city in the country,
is bigger than San Francisco, bigger than Boston, bigger than Denver. It should therefore
have more influence over BART and the rest of Bay Area transit policy than the
smaller burgs.

Fortunately, no. Since San Jose sucks so much, voters from all the other areas have decided that they shouldn't have any say. We wouldn't want voters from a characterless concentration of suburban sprawl ,misnomered as a city, having a say in anything.

No, as Santa Clara County is not buying in to the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District, they're only paying for BART to run a line from Warm Springs to Santa Clara (or maybe just Berryessa). This is the same arrangement as the SFO extension--you'll notice that there's no BART BoD representation from San Mateo county, even though BART-to-SFO runs through there.

As I understand it (though others can likely explain it better), a county can "buy into" the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District, and get representation on the BoD, but that involves a rather substantial payment. Something about how the people in the original 3 counties (SF, Alameda, and Contra Costa) paid to have the original system built, and any new county joining has to chip in their share of that initial payment. (I don't know if that's totally accurate, or the exact details, but that's the gist of it.)

Right, if they want a say in how the whole system runs they they have to buy an equal (however that is defined relative to the other districts) share in the whole system. That would cost a lot more than just building an extension.

FYI the other counties voted not to join.