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Who Owns BART ?

Who owns BART? If its receiving public assistance should the tax payers get a vote as to raising fares,new extensions ? because they are steadily losing money. Should they even be in business?

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You do get a vote, by

You do get a vote, by electing board members....See? Just like Congress and the senate , they do EXACTLY what the people who voted them in tell them to do *cough*

Thats hardly the case HOw

Thats hardly the case HOw about the gas tax that was suppose to go for roads that went to the gerneral fund until the voters got wise and demanded it not to go for anything else,after the legislators ,govenors get in office they pretty much do as pressured, until the public wises up.

i think thesilentj was being

i think thesilentj was being sarcastic about the Board members doing exactly what voters want. But his/her point is valid. You get to vote on the pack of idiots (aka Board) who run BART (you authorize them to make decisions about BART on your behalf ... if enough people shared your desire to shut down BART, they could elect Board members who promise to do that.) You get to vote on any new local taxes that pay to build BART extensions. You don't get to vote to approve specific extensions (the pack of idiots does that), but almost every BART extension requires a new local tax, so that's where you'd have your say as a voter.