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BART salary data published - Find the salaries of all 3,200 BART employees

It's all here:

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Contra Costa Times
Posted: 06/24/2009 05:54:51 PM PDT
Updated: 06/24/2009 06:07:55 PM PDT

Find the salaries of all 3,200 BART employees by clicking on search below. If you are searching by salaries, do not use commas....

Make your own mind up about whether employees are overpaid...

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If anyone's wondering, I'm on

If anyone's wondering, I'm on page 69 of that list, would have been higher, but I was out for 3 months with a broken ankle.

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Yeah $58 k for me last

Yeah $58 k for me last year.

Then again , I DO NOT work OT .

$29k for me.... I'm part time

$29k for me.... I'm part time and cannot work OT.

37k for me.

37k for me.

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$29k + health for part time

$29k + health for part time sounds pretty sweet to me.

Do you work a second job?
And why can't you do OT?

The majority of PT workers

The majority of PT workers are doing something on the side (school, 2nd job or taking care of another).

and per contract PT are limited to 25 hrs per week.

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DAMN! $29k plus health care

DAMN! $29k plus health care for only working 25 hours?
Sounds like a sweet gig!

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Kind of weird that they have

Kind of weird that they have people locked into PT when there's enough work that some FT workers are able to almost double their salary with OT work.

Seems like if they kicked a couple PT workers into FT they'd save a lot of money on that overtime...

Nah. Doesn't work like that

Nah. Doesn't work like that Master Chief.

We love full time promotions. ;)

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Too bad it's a waste of

Too bad it's a waste of money.

How you figure it's a waste

How you figure it's a waste of money?

Employee costs only constitute 27% of the FY budget. So are we REALLY the cause of the financial shortfall?

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Paying someone 1.5x or 2x

Paying someone 1.5x or 2x normal salary is a waste of money when there are other employees available who would do the same job for 1x salary.

Get it?

No, it's you that doesn't get

No, it's you that doesn't get it actually.

It doesn't matter how many people BART hires. There will ALWAYS be an abundance of overtime.

I'll just leave it at that. ;)

May I ask why? Are you saying

May I ask why? Are you saying that you workers deliberately milk the system?

I am not saying that "we"

I am not saying that "we" workers deliberately milk the system.

I'm just saying that overtime will always be an option. ;)

Leave it at that.

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So basically you're saying

So basically you're saying that BART workers are proud to abuse the system in order to artificially raise their wages and create the kinds of pay situations that are the cause of all this public outrage?

Good to know.

So basically you're putting

So basically you're putting words in my mouth and trying to twist what I said. Also good to know.

I'm not going to get into "why" overtime is available because I don't have to answer to you or anyone else in here for that matter. You don't work for the district so you don't understand the dynamic anyways. That's why you're spewing your usual un-informed nonsensical conclusions. Because available overtime has nothing to do with "abuse" of the system.

I REALLY wish people would know what the hell they're talking about before they hit "reply". lol

RIGHT... because if ot was

RIGHT... because if ot was ABUSE it wouldn't be AVAILABLE!

Law student. Part time is

Law student. Part time is enough for me especially in the current environment.



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The pay of the employees who

The pay of the employees who work in "Cash Handling" is very interesting, and all over the place.
Managers in that department generally seem to make around $100k or more, and general employees seem to make an average of about $56k, with some getting paid as little as $3k or as much as $72k.

I assume these are the folks I sometimes see with an armed guard, pushing around those carts filled with lockboxes, which seems like relatively cushy work, as long as you can handle the temptation of handling large quantities of money and there aren't any parts of the job that I'm not seeing as an outsider.

Anybody on the inside know if they'll be hiring cash handlers any time soon?
What kind of requirements are there for that kind of job?

I am guessing that the

I am guessing that the requirements would include at least 2-3 years experience working with World Bank or International Monetary Fund.

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LMAO!!! Yeah, that would seem


Yeah, that would seem about right, considering how ludicrous the "requirements" for most jobs at BART seem to be compared to what the actual jobs entail.

I'd guess that in addition to 2 years at the IMF you'd also need a personal letter of recommendation from Warren Buffet or Ben Bernanke.

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Previous atm / machine

Previous atm / machine maintain service. Able to lift and pull 50 + lbs over Your head continuously ,push a 1500 lbs cart .
The short version of the requirements.

Cushy compared to what? Digging 10 miles of ditches a day?

Compared to sitting at an office desk poking around a computer all day?

Eh, not so much.

Now that your saying it seems cushy ,

What exactly do you do that is "so hard" You feel the need to say The cash handlers gig is cushy?

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What's with everybody

What's with everybody thinking that just because I say a job sounds easy (for the money) means my job has to be hard?

My job is easy as hell (computer graphics + retail + stock work), but the pay is atrocious.

Ain't no shame in having an easy job.

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valid point , I made an

valid point , I made an assumption You were taking a crack at the cash handlers .
As with MOST positions in BART , what you HAVE to know to get the job isn't exactly scale with what the job requires

The way I observe the handlers , it has moments of easy followed by not so easy manual labor.
They get to walk the fine line between teching the machines (but not so much as to replace the AFC folks ) and just being mules.
I wouldn't want the job they do for the simple fact they get A LOT of misdirected grief from patrons, having to help patrons while servicing the machines(by the way, management states they do NOT have customer service the amount of repetitive HEAVY lifting injuries would make a pro athlete BLUSH...among other reasons.

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Yeah, those canisters of

Yeah, those canisters of coins are probably heavy as hell.

One of the guys I work with got a back injury from repetitive lifting, and he's going to be laid up for a looooong time. It's not something I'd wish on anyone.

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Master Chief why don't you

Master Chief why don't you apply for a position at BART? You said your pay was atrocious why not try?

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Actually, I absolutely will

Actually, I absolutely will the next time that some positions I think I am at least slightly qualified for become available.

The current accounting offering won't work for me because I lack the requisite experience, and as much as I respect the BART Police, the public hatred of them is still too high for me to want to deal with.

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Im tired of this game...If

Im tired of this game...If someone is making more than their worth, shame on whoever is paying them. If someone is not earning their worth, shame on whoever is paying them, Let's blame the person who is holding the purse strings.

The management has always

The management has always been cornered and threatened with Strike by these unions and they have ended up signing these huge contracts. If only the management had some balls, they would have stood up against these workers long ago. Spineless Management + Greedy workers = Screwed up public

WTF are you talking about????

WTF are you talking about???? 'Management' is the problem!! These are people making over $200,000 a year plus perks telling front-line employees to make cuts. What do you do? Nobody but management is greedy here--you just don't know WTF you're talking about.

Some are so pro management

Some are so pro management anti worker that you're blinded. Remember it's all about the money. spineless? BART is not to spineless when the workers or public want BART to open the books. BART, that collects taxpayer money, should have to show where the money goes like a publicly traded company in the stock market.

I don't believe the workers are as greedy as you think. I think the bigger question is where the money comes from and goes, that's what the focus should be on. Unions are claiming BART manipulates the money, moving excesses into different budgets, into bad decisions, failed pet projects or into their own pockets. Meanwhile while "broke" spending 500 Million on an airport connector with a 50 million alternative and other expansion projects. And also while turning down federal money for the operations, which also could have averted the fare hikes.

There is so much to the story. Like why deny the cooling off periods when it has in the past prevented chaos of a strike in the past, instead increasing the liklyhood of a strike causing the public harm? So much I don't believe and don't trust, this stretches way beyond the worker issues. I cringe when I hear the BART Linton speak, and was interviewed and asked questions he danced around.